Saturday, March 16, 2013


What...? You thought the holiday swap & hops were over with? Don't be silly... plenty more holidays to celebrate :) And Marlene Cupo & Shelley Graham Turner have decided to encourage us to celebrate !

Holiday Bling Blog Hop #'s 1 & 2 were Christmas / Yule / Solstice type themed.

#3 has a wider selection of choices... we could chose ANY holiday that occurred withing February or March. They even provided a list of some... want to see some of what they found for us?

  · Ground Hog Day - Feb 2

· Chinese New Year - Feb 10
· National Foundation Day (Japan) - Feb 11
· Mardi Gras thru Feb 12
· St Valentine's Day - Feb 14
· National Flag Day (Canada) - Feb 15
· Do a Grouch a Favor Day - Feb 16
· International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day - Feb 23
· Purim - Feb 23-24
· Saint David's Day (Wales, UK) - March 1
· Barbie's Birthday - March 9
· Commonwealth Day (UK) - March 11
· St. Patrick's Day - March 17
· Feast of St. Joseph (Italy) - March 18
· Big Bird's Birthday - March 20
· Greek Independence Day - March 25
· Start of Passover - March 25
· Easter - March 31 we could use any others we discovered, as long as they took place in the Feb./ March time line.
My partner for the hop was Alicia Marinache, a fellow Canuck who actually lives a few hours away from me :) Rather decide on a holiday together, we left that up to inspiration.  

Alicia said she had the perfect one but that it wasn't on the list so it would be a total surprise.

I had Mardi Gras stuck in my head, but wanted to do something that Alicia would love, so I haunted her fb page and blog for holiday inspiration. The perfect one appeared - her sons birthday - but without any hints as to his favorite colours or even the actual date for me to discover birthstones... I couldn't grab onto enough inspiration to get it going.  I did however discover a bunch of Easter photos of her and her family enjoying the holiday. 
Still hemming and hawing over ideas, I decided to let it stew for a bit, hoping she'd post something to help kick start the birthday idea. I had plenty of time after all.  Then while picking up some envelopes and glue for another project, I did my usual stroll past the beads and my eye got caught on some new sparklies. They'd got in some Swarovski Elements with coordinating crystals and they were all screaming at me to buy them >.< I managed to make it out with just two... both for homes other than mine... and one of them was in pinks, greens and clear; perfect for an Easter theme. It sat beside me for an entire day as I let ideas flow, then started work.
Unfortunately, after it was finished, I noticed a flaw in the focal... and in trying to 'fix' it... it broke >.< Luckily I was able to find a replacement focal that enhanced the theme even more I think...

Here's the original design with it's flawed focal just prior to breaking...

And here's the completed necklace with the new focal...

The death of the sparklie was sad... however I think the rose quartz lily adds a much more delicate touch, plus lends itself to the holiday a bit better :)

As for what Alicia sent me... wow. The holiday she chose was a special one that her family keeps alive in their own traditions, and I was touched to be a part of it :) The holiday she chose? Martisor. It's a traditional celebration of spring in Romania on March 1st :)  I LOVE what she made for me :) Go check out her blog to find out more about Martisor  and see what she made for me ;)

Then go check out the rest of the blogs to see what other holidays were represented!


  1. I'm sorry you broke the first focal, but the second one really brightens the piece up. Very pretty.

  2. Aah, so that's what broke: I think it might have been some special forces at work here, although they could have chosen another way to show themselves; breaking that beauty is a pity.
    It was beautiful, but I truly like the light pink lily better: it brings the whole design together in a very elegant way.
    Thanks, Sandra, it is a gorgeous necklace - one that I wear with love!

    1. I feel the same :) And the broken sparkly is still here... I might try using it in different way... maybe try wire wrapping it.. or send it to Audrey to play with her resin ;) lol

  3. Your necklace is great and I agree the second focal is much better than the first.

  4. I think the lily is very in keeping with the season and is a very sweet addition to the design.

  5. The second focal is perfect for Easter. Very elegant. :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! The first piece was bright and so pretty, but the second piece is just scrumptious! Great job!

  7. Great post and such cool pieces. This really was a great hop :-)

  8. Sandra you did yourself proud, especially with your choice for the "replacement" focal. Sure Alicia is thrilled with it. Thanks so much for joining us in this Holiday Celebration.

  9. Sandra, whether it was providence, fate, or instinct, this creation was right on the money. The projection of renewal or rebirth flows through this piece. It is beautiful!
    Gina H

  10. Sandra, I love the mix of the pink with the green. Vibrant tones and though it speaks Easter, it doesnt scream it, so she can wear year round...which is good because she is already sporting it! Dang, she didnt even wait to get home! THATS a real compliment!

  11. the mix of pink and green reminds me of watermelon tourmaline! What a great combo!! Very pretty necklace ... I'm sure Alicia will love it!

  12. Skye,
    Gorgeous, graceful, elegant.

    The jewelry you created for Alicia is simply stunning! I LOVE it. And what a save! Wow, looking at the first focal I can see how incredibly it all came together in pinks and greens -- and the way you continued on despite the break? Completely inspiring! The rose quartz Calla lily is just as exquisite, even more sophisticated, and very beautiful.

    By the way... I have a pear crystal like the one that broke! It's just been waiting for me to create something... any advice? You certainly did it justice! And your wire skills are incredible! Your wraps are beautiful. Really beautiful, Skye.

    I also love the wirewrapped key Alicia created for you -- and the idea of passing on the tradition of Martisor. I had the honor of creating with Alicia last HBBH, and she is wonderful, isn't she? From jewelry to friendship, she is a shining star. As are you! Perfect you two were together this time :)

    How exquisite is your key, with the red bead of protection and good energy abounding! Super cool! I shared with Alicia that I always felt March was the beginning of something special. Now, I know why. A New Year :) Multicultural jewelry art is so unique & special, it's my favorite of all "styles"!

    Superb jewelry creating and the finest exchange -- love that you two made the Holiday celebration global! Martisor and Spring: unifying, uplifting and hopeful! Thank you :)

    Happy Hopping,

  13. I have to say BOTH focal pieces are/were gorgeous. I could see myself wearing this piece a lot!