Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello again & news about a new hop

Well crap >.< That was a hell of a blogging break, wasn't it? Sorry about that. Just haven't felt like blog writing in a while, and since I didn't have a shop lined up to feature last month ( or this month, actually) I didn't have that excuse to 'make' myself blog. Anyone out there with an online shop who'd like to be featured here, give me a shout via email  skyescreativechaos AT

Now onto the reason for my finally breaking my blogging dry spell.

For those who are on FB and part of the group CBC ( Creative Bead Chat), you might have noticed the big giveaway they had to celebrate hitting 2000 members. They had to create a second group in which to hold the giveaway, it was that big ;) My mind in blanking on the actual number, but I know there was over fifty prizes given away! Everything from finished jewelry, to beads and components, to magazines, gift cards and even a display stand!

Yes I was one of the lucky winners :) And the one I won just proves that it was meant to be ;)

by MarlasMud
See what I mean? Perfect for me :)

Anyhow, it seems like I ended up sort of being volunteered/volunteering to host a bloghop or two to feature all of the winners with their goodies :)

I'm thinking we'll do two hops, to take place the last two Saturdays in September. 

Depending on how many of the winners decide to take part... if the list isn't that big, then we'll do one hop the last Saturday in September.

This kinda sucks as an intro post to a new blog hop, I know... but I've erased and retyped this so many times, I think this is as good as my brain will do today >.< I'll be posting a blog about this with the sign up info over at Artisan Whimsey... as soon as I give Melinda a shout.

Wow... blog writing has never taken this much effort before >.< I must be more burnt on this than I thought!