Saturday, September 28, 2013

Creative Bead Chat 2000 ~ thank you blog hop!

 A while back the Facebook group ' Creative Bead Chat', or CBC, reached 2000 members. In celebration, they held a massive giveaway event that had about fifty prizes dished out.
The prizes ranged from magazines, to gift certificates, to jewelry, and of course, a wide assortment of beads and components. All of which were donated by members of CBC :)
I managed to gather some of the winners together for a little bloghop to share some of the experience with those who didn't get a chance to join in, or who haven't found CBC yet.

So a special thank you to Melinda Orr, Marla James, and all the wonderful ladies who keep CBC going and fairly drama free :) I'll see if I can't add in a list of the shops of all the prize donors in here, so when you're done blog hopping, you can go shop hopping instead... Ohh... that sounds both fun.. and dangerous... 0.o lol

So what did I win? I entered several of the little giveaways... one for chain... a few different bead ones, one of the gift certificate ones... or maybe I entered two of those...? Anyhow... as the winners were posted I'd look over and not see me name on each one I entered... and then poof... there it was... on THE most perfect prize for me...

Skull pendants from Marla's Mud

See? P E R F E C T  :D

I immediately had ideas for both and set to scribbling out pictures, and looking up various pictures or tutorials to check on other ideas, but things keep interfering when it came to actually getting them put together.

So... I do not have any finished jewelry to show you today :(  So how about a couple 'in progress' pics instead? I'll be showing both completely pieces on another bloghop closer to Halloween, so you can check back then ... I'm sure another month will have him finding enough time to finish.. plus I have some other pieces I'd like to get done for that, too.

For the half skull, I knew I was going to do some colour. I'm not a flowery-colourful kinda girl (usually) but this one kinda demanded it. I pulled out three lampwork beads from Gail of Handmade in Oregon , that just seemed to fit with this... then grabbed some matching crystal... then after some hemming and hawing, decided I needed to add 'some' dark in and went with the black wire.

This one I actually started first... I started off with some blue/green gemstone chips that looked like they'd be a perfect match for the pendant... but then ended up looking too dark and taking away from the pendant. so I grabbed a lighter chip stone, another bead by Gail, and a selection of Czech glass and MOP. I think I need some fiber added in, too, but I'd still debating on that... and, horror of horrors...I get no urge to add black to this one ... O.o

You'll have to check back next month to see how these all came together :)

So go hop through some blogs, then if that's not enough hopping for you, go hop through the shops ( and FB pages) I'm sure there are some shops not listed here...I collected links form the donation photos and some of them didn't chose to include them... and I'm not up to spelunking through posts or pages to find them ;)

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