Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amazing Designs winners :)

yeah yeah.. so it's TUESDAY and not Monday... Monday my 'friend' decided to pummel me a couple days early, and that always leaves me curled up with a hot water bottle, feeling blah >.< lol

And this round, I know there'll be no need to remind the winners of how long they have to claim their prizes... both are very familiar names, even to my other readers... although one of them may get dirty looks for rafflecopter tossing out her name again ;) lol

Mischelle F. & Shaiha W.

Both of you  need to give me a shout, and tell me the email addie you want your prize to go to.


Alrighty... short post. Think I'll go ditch the jammies and head out to get some stuff done... and maybe go check out Michaels ;) Still haven't been in yet!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Feature : Amazing Designs + re-redo winner ;)

This week I'm finally featuring a shop that I've had on my list since this idea first popped into my head. She was actually slated for last month but got it pushed back a bit for so we could have even more fun here :)

Marlene Cupo, as some of you know, is very active in several fb groups, including being one of the top people in my Project Bead .. or should I say, one of the top faeries ;). She's also one of the commitee members and contributors for 'Jilly's Bead Posse'. and those two are just the tip of the iceberg :)  she's a beautiful lady with a big heart that I doubt many of you have NOT heard of around the beading communitee :)

Facebook Page - Amazing Designs

Artfire shop - Amazing Designs

Want to know why her feature is a bit late?

Because she decided to have a major sale in time for this feature, and let you all get first crack at the goodies :)

AmazingDesigns is having a SALE! 40% off all items in the shop!

Shall we jump right to the eye candy?
Shop Link

 Faux Wood & Carved Bone necklace & bracelet set.

Shop Link

Fun & Funky Black & White, Gunmetal Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Shop Link

Ruby, Garnet and Lucite Red Leaf Necklace

Those are just a few of my favorite jewelry pieces of hers... and I didn't share any of her earrings because this post would've become ay too long >.< lol

But Marlene doesn't just make beautiful jewelry... no... she also makes magnets, and book thongs, and eyeglass holders......

 ...and beads and pendants :D

shop link

10mm Panatone Color Poppy Red Beads - Set of 10

Shop Link

Large Lentil Pendant Bead in Peacock Colors with Antq Gold Spiral Wire

shop link

Frog Lovers! 5mm Frog Beads for Necklace or Bracelet - Set of 6

shop link

Large Flower Covered Leaf Shape Pendant with Silver Bail

And SOOOO many more ! This is an artfire shop, so the menu is on the right hand side of the screen instead of the left ;) Just so you know ;) lol Guess who scrolled through EVERYTHING  looking for the beads before she noticed that menu ?  Yup >.< lol

 Up for grabs this month  are TWO $10 gift certificates to Amazing Designs :) Yup, two winners :)

You know the drill :) Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter! ( you can enter all the parts, not just choose one ;) )

 If you can't see the rafflecopter widget, it's because you're not on the actual blog post... click on the post title and you should be able to see it :)

This giveaway will run until midnight, June 16th,  and the winners will be announced Monday the 17th. They will have until June 23rd to contact me to claim their prizes!

Facebook Page - Amazing Designs

Artfire shop - Amazing Designs

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 ~ ~        ~ ~          ~ ~

Okay... AND...


 I have had rafflecopter chose a winner for the PineRidge Treasure's  gift certificate. If it's not claimed within four days...( by Tuesday night), Wednesday I'm returning the gift certificate to the shop for her to do with as she pleases >.< lol

Although, that said, I doubt it'll be a problem this time. While this winner doesn't comment as much as some others do, I KNOW she's a follower and will no doubt see this before the deadline.

.... can you hear Jeopardy music playing right now..? lol ;)

Alright alright... and this winner is

 Mischelle Fanucchi


Gimme a shout, Mischelle :)


Don't leave me hangin' again ;) lol

** EDIT :  Mischele left me hanging an entire FIFTEEN MINUTES  lol 

finally... ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Double Redo !

Well, it seems that Rafflecopter kept picking people who were just passing through when they entered the last contest... that's two now that I haven't heard from.

Third times the charm, right?

Well, my Follower list has decided to vanish again, so I'm not sure if she IS a follower or not, but this time, the name is familiar so she just might be ;)

Norma Turvey , you have until Thursday, June 6th at Midnight EST to contact me. Leave a comment, send me an email,  message me on facebook, whatever and however you want :) Just let me know you saw this and want your gift certificate to buy goodies at Lisa's shop by Thursday night.

If by chance I don't hear from Norma either, I'll be posting a fourth and FINAL winner Friday. I may have to dig out my printed copy of my members list and ditch all entries from people that are not on it and narrow it to Followers only... better chance of it being claimed ;) lol

But like I said, that's IF Norma doesn't claim it... and while I can't be sure if she IS a follower, I do recognize the name and have a vague recollection of seeing comments around here form her... not many, but some.. so...I think she just might be ;)

So come on, Norma... poor Lisa's getting a complex about no one wanting to claim her prize... and this gift certificate is getting mighty tempting to my shopping bug ;) lol

Oh, for those who follow me on facebook, I still feel might crappy, but loads better than I did. I think I'm approaching human again.. although human with a nasty, chest cough and a runny nose... I'll let you know if I get any closer after I have my coffee ;)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anklet Blog Hop

So ... another blog hop that I decided to break my 'no more blog hops' rule to join up with ;) lol  This one I HAD to join for two different reasons...

Reason #1 - It's something I keep meaning to make, but never seem to get around to doing...

 and  Reason #2 - my friend Kashmira is the hostess :D

At the first mention of this I had 'ideas'.... then I signed up... but failed to jot these 'ideas' down, or pull out my stuff and get busy right then... and so promptly got busy with other stuff and the ideas slipped :/

When I finally sat down, some of the ideas returned so I got busy.  I had one a third of the way done when I was hit by the blahs over it... so I set it aside and started a new one. A third of the way in and wham.... eh.. not feeling this one either now *sigh*

Design three didn't even make it to the 1/3 mark.. think I managed three links and that was the end of that one lol

Yesterday hit and I knew it was down to the wire; I HAD  to pick one and finish it!  So I went with my first design and tada!! Done :)

I would like to point out however, that these were not the beads the original design called me to use at first... these were actually intended for a necklace.. however, as soon as I had my chain ready to go, my fingers ignored my 'instructions' and grabbed these instead lol

copper glass blue orange starfish seashell anklet chain beads

 There...a whole bunch of glass beads in varying shades of blue, a few very light weight marbled orange beads that I have no clue what they're made of, and some clear iridescent type beads, all attached to a copper chain & clasp with two copper charms - a seashell and a starfish. The clear beads and the orange ones are yard sale salvage :) Actually, come to think of it, they fit the beach/sea theme too... because both of those were in the batch of goodies I bought a couple years ago during my stay at the beach :D

And I'm truly sorry for the next two photos. I'd spare you, however Kashmira insisted we show our pieces on a model... and there is only me here lol Please ignore the cracked heels and any stubble you might be able to see ;)

Hmm.... totally should've painted my toenails for this lol

And a close up :) I have a dress this would go perfect with... I love the colours and the flow of it, but I hate the way it sits on top... the dress, not the anklet ;) The anklet I love how it turned out :)

I think I need to make a couple more now. Skull appreciation day in coming up in a few days, so maybe I'll just have to make one for it ;)

Thank you, Kashmira for a great hop & challenge :) I look forward to doing this again with you!

Please check out the rest of the participants to see all the foot-bling they made :)

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