Thursday, March 27, 2014

Having 'One of THOSE days' ...

You know the kind I mean... the ones where at every turn you find yourself wondering just why did you even bother getting out of bed... >.<

I'm not talking 'bad stuff' kinda day...

No.. this is one of those days filled with annoying little things...
.....and really stupid things...

 Really stupid things... that I myself have done >.<

Yeah... one of THOSE days.

Forgot to bake muffins last night, and my bagels were frozen... so woke up to no quick and easy breakfast this morning.. I had to COOK.. at four thirty in the morning >.<

And then... my coffee was too strong so I didn't drink all of it.

 I get to work to discover an order missing and had to head straight into the freezer to fix that issue... Me in the freezer at six am is NOT a happy thing >.<

Then I made a cup of tea and left it to steep just a wee bit too long... so extra strong luke warm tea... yum >.< followed by nuked, strong tea that went from too cold to tongue scalding hot in 30 seconds and then got forgotten about until it was back to being lukewarm again.. at which point I gave up and just drank it as is.

While making custard cups, we mix them in a big bucket and then pour half the mix at a time, into a jug to being able to fill the baking cups easier... When I gave the remaining mix a quick stir and went to use it to fill the rest of the cups... I picked up the big mixing bucket and awkwardly start to pour it into the cups... got about three done before it hit me what I was doing, and poured it into the jug first . By that point I just smirked and shook my head and my manager did the same >.< lol

And those were just a FEW of the little things >.<

I could put it off to my head just not being in the game lately. Lots of things filling my head so there's just not enough room for actual intelligence at the moment >.< lol

Everything from the BeadSoup and my designs, to trying to find a laptop that can do the things I need to do, plus the things I want it to do... and then try to justify to myself spending the money on it... and trying to do all of that and keep it to an amount that won't cause my brain to go into immediate panic mode and shut down >.< lol  Those are some of the little things filling my head.

Then there's the big, all encompassing things that the little things keep trying to distract me from. The top most being my gram, whose health has been on a downward spiral for a while now, is finally to the point that the doctors have stopped all further tests and medications, and declared that there's nothing more to do than see that she's comfortable. The days are full of the worry that the next time the phone rings, it'll be 'THE' call, but the hardest part of it for me is how painful it is for my mom. I'm one of those people that if my mom cries... I cry. doesn't matter if I see it or hear it, or just KNOW that she's crying.. wham... tears. >.<

I suppose, seeing as how my head is so full of stuff that it's perfectly acceptable to be distracted over, that my doing stupid little things all days is normal and perfectly excusable.

And if not, at least they serve to make me laugh at myself and help push the darker stuff back for a bit. Maybe that's WHY I'm doing it... maybe my subconscious is doing this stuff for the sole purpose of lightening the mood.


I LIKE that excuse.

That's good. I'm sticking with that one.

I'm not going looney, my SUBCONSCIOUS purposefully made me put my underwear on inside out AND backwards today... in a fully lighted room ( no hiding behind it being dark as a reason >.< )... Yes... it was on PURPOSE... to lighten my mood.... and I never even noticed until about three hours later >.< LOL

Yeeeessss... seriously lol >.< That is just the kinda day I've had >.< Luckily I have no issues with laughing at myself :) It IS funny, and laughter is the best medicine.. and smiles can get us through the hardest times :)

Alrighty.. well hopefully I'll get my head on straight enough to take pictures and share some of my progress on various projects in the next post.... or maybe just share some pictures.. yeah... something anyhow.. lol

In the meantime, giggle with me over the underwear issue... I mean... everyone has done them inside out at least once... maybe even backwards once... but to do BOTH at the same time... Yeah, that takes a special level of brain fry ;) LOL

 And hey... in my defense.. they're boxer briefs and so they don't 'feel' wrong backwards... I just noticed the the tag at the front.. on the outside >.< lol


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Soup works and other fiddling...

See?! Still keeping up with this.. and no one has had to remind me yet :D

Although I did almost fall back into my trap... the one where I keep putting off blogging because I have something in the works to share... lol I stopped myself though :D Aren't you proud of me?

Anyhow, I've been eying this luscious soup Audrey sent me, and after doodling a bit, decided to just jump in.  I grabbed some super hard copper wire I salvaged from somewhere, sorted out some of my bead caps to go along with the ones from Audrey, and started to work with those amethyst rounds :) It is now official.. I have begun work on my soup pieces! :D

I would like to say, that I showed my mom the soups and she loves it too :D. She was up last weekend and we'd planned on my heading out to her place afterwards to dog sit while her and my dad went to visit my grandmother. Gram's health has been deteriorating badly, and the past few months have been touch and go. There were a couple times when we thought she was at the end of her rope, but she keep pulling through. Anyhow, as I was saying, I showed her the soup right after she'd said they were heading up to visit my gram, and she also noticed the same thing as I did... that the bird in the focal was a hummingbird, which happens to be my gram's favorite. With the way she is constantly in and out of the hospital, jewelry isn't any good for her right now, and she really only wears it when she's getting dressed up to go out, so the finished piece won't be going to her... but she'll definitely be on my mind and in my heart as I create it :)

Audrey really hit this one out of the ball park; my favorite colours, a focal with personal meaning behind it, and lots of little challenges for me to overcome and figure a way through :)

Aside from my bsbp fiddling, I'm also working on some baskets for my bathroom shelves. I have this beautiful wooden shelf my dad made me just sitting there empty ( because I don't want to clutter it up) so I bought some cheapo ugly white plastic baskets from the dollar store. Last night I sat down and mixed up some paint and painted all the trims, and today I'm doing a test run with some paper and modpodge on one of them. No worries, I'll show them when they're done, whether they turn out or not ;) I'm thinking I'll pick up some napkins of something to coordinate with them and have those as a liner... again, photos when I'm done :)

Well, no giveaway from me this time but I can't leave everyone hanging... so head on over to Grubbi Beads and check out HER giveaway :D Shop credit for her store! Whoohoo! who wouldn't love a shopping spree at Grubbi beads?!

Grubbi Beads Giveaway

Thursday, March 6, 2014

BSBP8- Great Minds Think Alike...

Remember I mentioned that I had THREE soups with different colour schemes and materials set out, and just had to see which one suited my partner best for a challenge...? And that the one was out of the running right away, since it was in colours that she uses alot and so it would be too easy for her...? Then she posted her teaser of the soup she sent ME, and it was in the same colour scheme! Whheeew.. close call there.. almost had matching soups, right ! *snort*  Yeah well... lol

If I HAD sent that purple-ish soup, the colours would've been the only match... instead, while we sent each other different colours... we went with the same metals, beads material, and theme... copper, gemstones, and BIRDS! :D

So now we're both dying of giggles over this :) That, plus despite mailing a day apart, we both received our soups today, and opened them within minutes of each other! lol

This is the soup I sent her...


Plus some little copper bird spacer beads that escaped the photo session. the bird focal is from TreeWings Studio, and the copper toggle( and the little egg shaped stones) I received from Lori Anderson during a bead swap. The flower beads were leftover from my very first BSBP soup ( from my partner, Shaiha) and just demanded to be included here. Oh and see that yellow? The African trade beads ( also from a swap, this one a Pantone colour swap with Solange ). The yellowish tone of the bird, plus the yellow trade beads, the little yelow glass beads, and the two faceted yellowish gemstones ( whose name has currently fled my brain) was all PERFECT for Audrey :) Not because she likes yellow... which as far as I know, she doesn't... but because she tends to totally blank on using it :) This is her soup challenge :D I don't see her having too much trouble... the bird isn't really 'yellow' yellow, and it and the trade beads have red mixed in to help her through it.. so do the little glass beads actually. I made one soup, but it's split into two sides... she can go with the 'softer' half to the left of the focal around the bottom... or she can go with the 'brighter/bolder' half to the right and along the top. either way, she gets some yellow to push through and work with ;) hehehehe

And this is the soup she sent me

A beautiful copper toggle from BooBeads and some copper beadcaps ( I forgot to send her bead caps >.< bah!), and then a brass bird stamping and some brass filigree beads. She mixed metals... *sigh* Now I wished I gone with my original plan for the toggle...I had a cute silver one with a cat that was kinda 'anti-bird', but made me giggle to consider including, but.. it was silver... so I didn't lol.
 She made the focal herself, and it'll be my main challenge.. it's big..I really have a comfort issue working with 'big' things... the biggest I've managed was a stone 'doughnut' from my first bsbp soup... ( it was square, actually, but.. you get the idea lol). This is a bit bigger, but it's also considerably 'more'... I LOVE it, and I WILL figure out how to work with it, but wow...

And then as if the challenge of the big focal wasn't enough... she sent me pretty druzzy spears... Have you noticed me use 'long' dangly type stones and beads much? Nope... I've  made exactly ONE piece, outside of earrings, with top pierced stones... I find them awkward and just... O.o... I love them and WANT to use them, however my brain refuses to see them 'fitting' in anything outside of earrings or as a focal... and for the BSBP, since it's about stepping outside your comfort zone, I will endeavor to NOT fall into those safe zones with these guys :)

 And then, as an added challenge... but one I was actually expecting from her since this IS Audrey and Audrey LOVES to resin and glue ... lol... she sent me some sparkly... I think the term is 'chatons' ? Things that I have to resin or glue, anyhow lol I was actually expecting the soup to contain more stuff along that line and am not-so-silently relieved over most of my soup containing 'holes' :D hehehe

I LOVE the colours, that silk is to die for.. and it'll be really hard to make myself use it...and she sent me crackled agate beads! hehehe..I bought some bigger ones and love them...but keep wishing they were smaller.. and now I have some smaller! lol

Okay, so now you see what I get to play with for the next month or so... I need to close the lid on the little box it's in so I'll stop playing with it. I split the tip of my thumb earlier this week so it's in no shape to start playing... and my hands are all dry and coarse from the weather and too many bouts of dish washing, so the silk keep catching on them >.< lol I need to moisturize before I get into this box of soup again :D

I hope all of you BSBP'ers get wonderful helpings of beadsoup to enjoy, and look forward to seeing everyone's creations!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

BSBP8 - My Partner & a soup sneakpeak :)

Yes, I did it. I bit the bullet and joined up with the BSBP again :)

For the past couple weeks I've had a tray beside me at my desk, containing three different beadsoups.. each in a different colour palette and containing different materials. They were just waiting for my partner to be announced so I could see which one was best for her.

And wouldn't you know it? My partner turns out to be a very difficult woman to compose a 'challenging' soup for. Who is she? Why Audrey Belanger :)

This is the first BSBP where I've been partnered with someone I already know :) Oddly enough, Audrey has always been partnered with people she already knows ;)

Audrey is something of an assemblage artist... she can take just about anything and make it work. A bit of patina or paint, some glue and glitter, and whammo... jewelry. 
counting stars


Season's BlogHop

So you see what I'm up against here? Very difficult to challenge someone when they can use pretty much anything.

I did come across one little mention in her blog about being stumped by yellow... shame I'd just promised her I wouldn't give her a single colour soup ;)

I was able to add a little bit of that particular challenge to the soup, just for her though ;) which brings me back to the my three soup decision... The one soup would've been perfect for her... which meant it was out of the running. It was purples/ blues/pinks... soft and subtle, but colourful... Her colours and her style... therefore... NOPE :) This Is suppose to challenge her after ll. Plus, it looks like the same palette as the soup she made me... ;)

The other two were harder , since neither were colour palettes she'd done much with before, but I finally decided.

One soup with two halves... the focal and clasp with two different ways it could go... one softer, and one more bold :)

I can't wait to see what she does with it :) I know she'll come up with things I've never thought of, since that is what she does ;) As for what she has in store for me... she posted her sneak peak and the colours are  already getting me itching to play ! I have no doubt that I'll spend some times scratching my head trying to figure out what to do with it, but that's just one of the parts I love about this :D