Friday, January 10, 2014



I can't believe it's been THAT long since I last posted.... O.o

I am so SORRY.

I've been meaning to post for ages, but every time I think "well... If I'm going to blog, I should get some new photos taken first..." .. or that I should finish a project to share in my post... or .. well.. you get the idea >.<

And then of course, once I take those photos... they need to be edited/uploaded .. or once I finish that project.. I need to take photos.. which then need to be edited/uploaded... lol

Yes, I HAVE been caving in to the procrastination monster FAR too often when it comes to my blog.

I am sorry to leave everyone wondering where I wandered off to. I here *waves hands*.

In the words of one of my fave bloggess's...(if that's not a word... it is now :p) fancifuldevices, I have a 'crap-ton of stuff' to share with you guys :) In addition to my usual jewelry making journeys, I've also been playing with yarn and have become horribly addicted to my scarf making loom, and pretty, fuzzy yarns >.< Not only have I made two scarves for myself, a few for gifts, and bunch for donating, I've also made a bunch that won't be scarves, but are awaiting my making enough.. and figuring out how to join them together so they can be blankets.

Ooohh... hey, I can blame all the pretty soft fuzzy yarn for keeping me away from you guys!! :) Just ask Shelly ( of tori sophia fame)... I make the thickest, warmest, fuzziest scarves.. they just make you want to snuggle them :D

Lets see... beside the yarn, I did toy with some homemade clay briefly, but I wasn't happy with it. I have a couple other recipes I want to try ( crap...>.< I forgot to get cornstarch at the bulkstore today... grr... so I guess that recipe will wait a while longer )

Aside from that I've been sucked back into scratch baking, and making chocolates... as if I didn't do enough baking at work, now I do it at home on my days off too lol

This last week my artsy side has started to drag me back to painting, and I have two canvases on the go at the moment. I kinda... am waiting for my muse to come back and remind me where I was going with them >.< lol the yarn distracted me... but since it was in the middle of a blizzard here, I think I can be forgiven for being drawn to working with warm fuzzy things.

anyhow, there you go.. a bit of an update of why I haven't been on here, and a promise that I'm going to be making a very big effort to get back into the habit! I haven't decided yet if I'll throw my hat in for BSBP#8... I always enjoy them, despite the fact I always end up in a mad crunch to get things finished, but I'm sorting of leaning towards just dealing with my own personally set deadlines and challenges this year. Or at least until I manage to get my butt suitably in gear ;)

I'll be writing again soon and sharing some of what I've been up to jewelry wise. Plus, since I plan on getting a shop of some sort off the ground in the next month or so, I'll be updating you... and getting you guys to keeping poking at me to get it done ;)

 And.. since my last blog post was BEFORE Halloween, I shall leave you with a pic of my jack o'lantern. His name is Dante, and he was inspired by one of my characters from my writing lol