C.C.D.C #1 - Reveal- June, 2012

Teaser Post

Kit & Team Post

Reveal Post

C.C.D.C #2 - Reveal- September, 2012

Rules & Teaser Post


  1. I can't get into the teaser post...help...

    1. for #2 ? It's cause it's not there yet... lol I thought I'd done one so had it all typed up and ready to add the link... only to discover the tease had been on the sign up page ;)

      But that does remind me...I forgot to ask if you wanted to be surprised when your kits arrives? Or if you'd like a sneak peek delivered to your email?

  2. Surprise away.... I've been checking the post office every day with anticipation. I'm sort of nervous. I'm new compared to many doing this type of thing and hoping my work won't embarrass you. I'm on my way to post office again this morning....

  3. Received my mix and I'm so excited and scared....medium I've never used...looks like I'll be learning a thing or two this round...