Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out of the depths...

Yes I know... that was one hell of break between posts, wasn't it >.<

Sorry for the long absence. My muses went on a hiatus, and it left me in a bit of a funk. For the last year or so I've barely touched my tools, despite keeping them close at hand in case I felt the need to create. Indeed, a couple weeks ago I wanted to make a pair of earrings to go with a necklace, and I couldn't find my round nose pliers... and then I couldn't find the ear wires I wanted. I did finally find them, and I have beads picked out and ready, but the urge to play left again :(

I keep getting earring- making urges, but have the itch to make another big, full, blingy charm-style bracelet... and then I twist back to the earrings... and then necklaces... and then bracelets again... I just need to grab onto an idea and MAKE IT lol

I'm going to try to remedy this soon. The ideas are starting to pop up again, and if I want to get them out onto my work table, I need to get my work space ready so I can just sit down and DO, instead of spending my time searching until the urge dies. My brother gave me two HUGE hard cover sketch books for my birthday, and I think one will  assigned to jewelry. I did a few doodles of ideas in the past, and I think it's something I should get back to... the only problem is, when I think about using one for jewelry ideas... I want to decorate that plain black cover...paint it, add some texture, glue some bling on it...All of which I musts go dig out, and then clear a work space for... then decide where to start... lol  See? The chaos emerges into a very distracting tangle that ends up accomplishing nothing but making more of a mess for me to find my way out of or around. I think the decluttering and cleaning needs to be dealt with first, so I at least have that work space ready, and have at least a vague idea of what I have and where it might be >.<

In my last post I shared some pics of my button jewelry sets I was working on. I did get a few done with chains, and the owl one I showed, has found a home :) I attended a little get together  a few weeks ago, and since a few of us always fall back to wine for a hostess gift, I'd decided her wine cellar must be stocked to over flowing by now.. so I thought I'd make her something, muses be damned! She loves owls and I know I have some owl charms and beads; in fact I made her some owl wine charms for Christmas ( I might have pictures somewhere... I usually take them even if they don't get shared here). Anyhow, as I was trying to remember what all I had and what I could do... I remembered these button sets, and the fact that two sets were owls... and THIS one seemed to be destined to be hers :) At the time I made it, I was just choosing colours that I thought looked 'right' with the buttons, BUT... I learned afterwards, that the colours I chose were her favourites... plus, OWLS... lol  She loved it!

That reminded me why I enjoyed making things, and sparked things again, so hopefully I'll get my desk area sorted out and ready to work on again soon :)

In the meantime, I've been playing around with a bit of painting again... I keep getting ideas, setting up and starting out... and then my ideas get railroaded by others, or outright derailed >.< I've picked up some different sizes and styles of canvas to work on, along with some new paints, and set up my easel in the kitchen where I have more room and light.

My 'knitting' has died right off... I swapped from the smaller size looms to a wider one, and it takes longer to finish a round... so I don't see as much progress as I work on it... so I get bored with it >.< lol I have one long strip that was meant to be the start of a blanket - it would take about four stitched together. It might end up being a really long, really wide scarf >.< LOL

As we can all tell by this post, my rambling is still in working order  >.<.

I just felt the need to stop avoiding my blog and put it out there, that I am still here, and just a bit more bogged down by the chaos part of life and struggling to bring out the creative part... but I AM still here, and hoping that getting back into the habit of sharing the struggles and creations here, will in turn invite the muses back :)

I will post again soon, hopefully with some photos of things that were finished while my blog was dormant, or maybe even some new projects.

Autumn is MY time of year after all, and it does inspire me... so cross your fingers for me ;)

Oh, and guess what? I grew FINGERNAILS!! I've struggled my entire life with nail biting, and the past couple months I've managed to grow fingernails... long enough I've had a MANICURE :)  ...I've also had a couple pedicures (one was a gift) and an eyebrow shape and tint... I'm turning into a 'girl'... it's horrible >.< LOL