Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop #2

I missed out on number 1 since I just had too much on the go at the time, but when Shelley and Marlene decided to hold an encore, I had to jump in :)

For those who stumble across this form outside of the hop list,  Shelley of Fabric of My Life , and Marlene Cupo of Amazing Designs tossed all the applicants names into a hat and pulled out two at a time to partner us up... 

... well okay, I don't think that's EXACTLY what they did, but you get the idea ;)

We contacted our partner to get mailing addresses and some ideas on likes and dislikes, and discuss what type of gifts to exchange. Jewelry, non-jewelry, religious or non-religious... etc etc etc.  I'm not sure what all everyone discussed... I just know we were supposed to decide between the two of us any specifics without giving away what we were doing.

Both my partner, Jo-Ann and I were very open and easy going and didn't really set any limits, leaving the floor open to lots of possibilities.

As all of you creative types know... that is both a blessing and a curse >.< It leaves you wide open to any inspiration... and to ALL inspiration >.< I did have a few likes  to guide me, as well  a 'do not use' colour.... which of course became a prominent colour in my layout until I remembered it >.< lol

I blame the owl for that though.... seriously. He was the one demanding I use pink >.< Him plus some gorgeous multi coloured fabric that, due to the pink issue, I ended up not using.... nor did I use the fuzzy non-pink multi coloured yarn I'd grabbed as a substitute.  As a matter of fact, in the end, I didn't use any fabric at all :)

Instead I used some gorgeous cranberry colored, top-drilled potato pearls that I'd been hoarding forever, that had been sent to me all the way from Sweden in a bundle of goodies I'd won from ' Maneki' of Wild Roses & Blackberries :)

Want to see?

alright, alright... here...

Cranberries & Ice

Cranberry Potato pearls & quartz chips, with a cute owl from TreeWings Studio :) 

Oh.. btw... that one pearl is not backwards... the strand is flipped since I have it curled around and I didn't notice it until after I'd put the camera away. You can see the two above it are the same ;)

I was playing with buttons at the time too, and while going through the whole' pink/no pink' issue, I made these...

She can add a hook and hang them on her tree... or add ear wires and make them big chunky earrings ;)

So now you've seen what I sent her.... pop over and see what she made for me at It's A Beadiful Creation ;) then pop through the rest of the list to see all of the other goodies made this round :)

Shirley Moore
Lori Bowring Michaud
Catherine King
Dyanne Cantrell
Sonya Stille
Elaine Ray
Gina Hockett
Jo-Ann Woolverton
Debbie Rasmussen
Renetha Stanziano
Ginger Bishop
Miranda Ackerley

Tammie Everly
Alicia Marinache
Melinda Abrahamson
Rita/ Toltec Jewels
Chandra Merod
Mary Govaars
Kelley Fogel
Tiffany Goff Smith
Heather Rats Otto
Anitra Gordy Boyers 
Marlene Cupo
Shelley Graham Turner    


  1. Aww, both are so very sweet! An ornament for her and her tree - bonus! I have a sweet little button tree on my tree, love it!

  2. I love the owl necklace and the tree ornaments will likely stay hanging in my beading area.

  3. Love the necklace, how cute and those button trees are absolutely amazing. I have to have some.

  4. You know that owl necklace is beautiful, but those cute little trees just grabbed me! Great idea!!

  5. Cranberry and Ice--fitting name for a beautiful necklace. Love the button trees as well, I could see those as chunky earrings!

  6. The cranberry and Ice is Beautiful!!! Works so great with the owl!

  7. So glad you dot on board this time around Sandra. Your jewelry creations are always amazing. And only you could do such wonderful things with buttons! Happy Holidays!

  8. My favorite color is pink so this the most adorable owl I have ever seen.

  9. Sandra I LOVE your incredible winter woodland jewelry!! The icy crystal quartz and rich cranberry pearls are gorgeous, and then add in the amazing owl? Exquisite!! I love the blog "Wild Roses and Cranberries" and Tree Wings Studio!! And your button trees -- amazing! LOVE them! How adorable and brilliant :) Jo-Ann must be delighted with all your beautiful Holiday gifts!!

    Feliz Navidad Sandra!


  10. I love the ice and berry feel of your gift necklace set. I have several ornaments pinned very similar to your trees so of course I love those. Happy holidays Sandra.

  11. Lovely job, those earring/ornaments are great & love that owl too :-D

  12. Sandra, love what you did with Mr. Owl. BUT I looked up CRANBERRY and according to Wikipedia, the flowers are described as dark PINK.hahhaa
    Those button trees are cute. I had made 3 sizes of polymer discs to try something similar but they never worked well, now I see you used a small bead between each disc. MAYBE that will work for me. So thank you!

    The ornaments you received from Jo-Ann are lovely. Bet they will look great on your tree. PICTURES please~

    Thanks for participating - HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ~ Shelley