Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Check in.. kinda sorta...

Yeah..I know it's not Sunday... it's not even close anymore >.<

The weather has been beautiful here... more early summer than pre-spring... 

although today is finally the first official day of spring :) Yay! The threat of more snow now is considerably lessened :)  I'll admit too, that I'm getting a major giggle over us Canadians enjoying the summer like weather while the Californian's get our snow and usual crappy seasonal weather :)

But back to the matters at hand. I have several pieces made, sitting here on my desk, done except for their clasps or finishing bits, which I've been too blah to bother adding >.< 

Been feeling a bit off for the past week, nothing bad just ...meh >.<

Today I awoke to a scratchy sore throat, couch, increased blah-ness, and I'm pretty sure I have a fever and resulting headache >.<

... and the birds outside are singing their little hearts out, telling me how beautiful it is out there.

little buggers >.<

I woke up pre-dawn this morning, unable to sleep any more... so was greeted by the calling of seagulls from the harbour. You know it's going to be a good day out there when the seagulls are that noisy. that early.

Anyhow, I need to drag my butt downtown and do my laundry so I have a clean uniform to wear to work tomorrow... assuming this holds off enough to allow me to function that well tomorrow. I was going to go curl up and try to sleep some more.. or at least plug in some music and try to ignore the sound of the birds outside calling me out.. however, the seagulls have shut up and it's not even 8:30 yet... which means it's going to be a hot one today... so I'd better go now. I'll decide if I want to hang my clothes out to dry or use the dryers while I'm out... while the idea of the fresh smell of clothes off the line is really nice... hanging them all up, then dragging my butt down three flights of stairs later on to take them all off the line... not so nice a thought >.<

I'm rambling...yes..I am... >.< I'll try to post later in the week.

hope you all enjoy the nice weather and avoid the spring colds and other miscellaneous bugs going around >.<


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