Monday, November 12, 2012

 It's been a few of those days.

Lots to do... no drive to really do them.

I have my HBBH gift mostly done... just have to finish off one little bit and then take pictures... which I was planning on doing wait... this is Monday...I was planning on having it done to take pictures on SUNDAY because it was a beautiful day out.. lots of sunshine and just .. wow.

Then I got home and it was too nice to stay inside, so I turned off the heat, cranked open the windows and headed out. Unfortunately, my feet were against a hike, so I headed down to the library for the last day of their big book sale... then kept walking when I saw the massive line up to get in. Then after wards, I got caught up in a few little things and never got things finished to be able to take photos.  Maybe I'll finish tonight then cross the fingers for some sunlight tomorrow.

And today?

Oh well...I kind stayed up way later than I have in ages last night so I slept in until 8 this morning... then I was up for about an hour, felt draggy and got nailed by a head ache... so I laid back down to get rid of it... and really didn't think I fell asleep. I felt more rested, but thought I'd just drifted off and on... Nope, fell asleep at some point because it was ten to one when I got up again >.< then an hour or so later, I lay down with a book for a bit.  Just no 'get up and go' for today. I didn't get my laundry done either.. and I don't feel like going out to do it now. Luckily I have another clean uniform for work so I'm good. I'll just have another massive load to haul down on thursday >.< My procrastinating only makes things more difficult and time consuming.. I know this.. and yet I do it anyhow *sigh*

So... why am I telling you guys this?

No clue.

 Maybe so you can all feel better about your lazy days and procrastinating, too ;)

Yeah, that works. Feel better now? I'm much lazier and messier than you are, so if any one whines at you about it, point them to me and they'll leave you alone ;) LOL

Anyhow, just felt I should post before I fall back out of the habit. I promise next time I'll have something 'real' to say or show :)  Maybe a picture of my newly cleaned desk/studio? Maybe... no promises, but.. maybe ;)
Or maybe a picture of my 'in shambles' living room so when I get it back in place you can fully appreciate how crappy it used to be? lol .. Cause it's not like it's gonna be great once it's done.. just ... not as crappy ;) Hopefully.

:) Okay...I'm gonna go make myself DO something and avoid that couch the rest of the evening /night.


  1. That was my Sunday and Monday also. Maybe it's the weather? I have my first craft show on Friday, so I really have to get off my rear and finish making things.

  2. I relate! I am messy, procrastinate and am easily distracted. It is nice to know I have a fellow procrastinator out there.

    I hope today is a better and beautiful day! Enjoy it ... you deserve it!


  3. Thanks for sharing I DO FEEL BETTER now! haha I think its the cooler weather that makes me procrastinate (well thats my story anyways, AND I'm STICKING TO IT!) xxxoo

  4. There is NOTHING wrong with having down time on your days off. That is is how we recharge our batteries.

  5. I am awake, so folks will have to wait for the next giveaway! I am planning to be up most of the night to complete the Color Challenge, sponsored by Erin Prais-Hintz @ Treasures Found Blog. My project is only supposed to be completed and ready for blog posting in about 7 hours or so.