Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sorry.. been partly busy, and party blahed... and between the both I haven't posted in quite a while >.<

Still not really in the blogging mood, but I figured you all might like to know who won November's F.F. giveaway, hmmm?

Renetha ,  as per the rules, you've got a week to give me a shout to claim your prize.I have your addie already on file, I just need the shout to let me know you're awake and paying attention ;) If I don't hear from you by the first Thursday in December, when I post the new FF next Friday, I'll chose a new winner!

... and now everyone is crossing their fingers and hoping Renetha doesn't see this so they get another shot at it ;)

No worries everyone :) I was bad and placed another order with Marsha, so December's FF might just end up being another soup featuring a Marsha Neil pendant :)  Just gotta decide if I can bear to part with another of them... or if I should decide on something else ;)

In the mean time, I have some light display photos, and snow photos, and jewelry photos to share.... and the pink hair is gone ( for now ) so maybe I could show you the new do... Just gotta park my butt and BLOG lol

Not now though... now I still have one more day of NANOWRIMO  ( National Novel Writing Month) to see if I can't get my word count up a bit higher. I'm no where near the 50,000 goal, but I've managed to beat what I've done the past two years. It's amazing how all year long I can sit down and whip out acres of words, fill file after file of stories with no problem... but the one month where you have to actually keep track, everything gets in the way to prevent it >.< lol 

Plus, I have a commissioned jewelry piece that, while being done, still doesn't 'feel' done... and another that refuses to even start due to a focal issue... and two handmade Christmas gifts that need to get made and into the mail this week....

November is a crappy time for NANO!! lol

Anyway, I'm wasting my word count on blogging... Renetha! ( I want to call you 'Ren' so bad >.< lol ) give me a shout! The rest of you, check back later on for an actual blog post about STUFF :)

~ Skye


  1. YOu really crack me up girlfriend!!!

  2. Oh heavens, she's on a roll!
    Congrats Renetha!!

  3. Hi Skye!

    Thank you for the leather you sent my way. I forgot to send a thank you with Thanksgiving planning and holiday. Love my the leather and the pretty packaging. You post whenever you can. We will still be here.

    Thanks again!