Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sci-Fi Blog Hop

So AGES and ages ago, there was a discussion about good ideas for bloghops on one of the groups...

... or at least, I think that's how it started... lol

Anyhow,  the suggestion of a Sci-fi bloghop became a big long discussion, and it was decided that ' IT MUST BE DONE'.

That was... before Christmas sometime... and here we are, hop day, and the nice long list of interested people has shrunk to a few of us geeks that felt compelled to see this plan out :)

As I've said, I've known about this hop for MONTHS. I had plenty of ideas... too many in fact. So many fabulous books, movies & tv shows that I can pick from.

In the end there really was no contest about which one would get picked... Star Wars won, of course. Can I get a 'duh!' ? lol You all knew that as soon as you saw I was taking part, didn't you?

So... months of planning and creating time... I must have done lots, right? :D


Yeah right >.<

It came down to crunch time. My necklace plans ended up getting scrapped in the interest of finding the time to 'get something done'... and thus I fell to the fabulous little mainstay... Earrings :)  the one pair of which I wore today and loved... the others are getting worn tomorrow.

 They're mine. 



What? You wanna see? Well... alright....

So... according to the rules we need to provide a link to our inspiration...

So.... THIS 
The Death Star

... inspired THIS...

And THIS ...

Darth Vader

Inspired  THIS ..

I did have something for 'the good guys' in the works too... but as I was finishing up I realized I'd made a boo boo... got frustrated and chucked them aside. >.<

Make sure to check out the others in the hop... see what they drew inspiration from, and what they made :)

Hostess - Pamella Rachelle  - Crazy Creative Corner

Melissa Trudinger - Bead Recipes

Lee Koopman - Strega Jewellry Blog

Zoe Marcin - Beads, Tea & Sweets

Shelley Graham Turner - The Fabric of My Life


  1. I love both versions of the Death Star :)

  2. Oh boy, where did you find such perfect beads for the Death Star earrings. You are sure to get massive compliments when you wear them!

  3. Here is another comment about the death star! Did you make those beads? They are perfect!

  4. Oh, man, these are both great but, yeah, especially love the Death Star earrings! (~snerk~ being geeks is fun!)

  5. love those Death Star earrings! They are awesome! Those beads are just perfect!

  6. Ha, great Death Star Earrings! And I like the colour combo for the other pair too, very Darth!