Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sorry for the no posting >.<

I'd meant to post my new shop feature this past week, but a combination of headaches and some news about a former girlfriend kinda knocked me out of the blogging mind set for a bit.

For those missing the Freebie Friday post, there isn't one this month, sorry. January and February are tight months with a bit smaller paychecks thanks to fewer hours at work, and I've been continuing to set aside just as much money as always for my investments and savings. My extra money has all been going to Project Bead and a few other small charitable causes.

For the next while at lest, Freebie Fridays will be merged with the shop features, so you'll still have a chance to win goodies here, they'll just be in the form of gift certificates or special goodies form the shops I feature.

I have a blog hop coming up this weekend, and a couple posts in my drafts file waiting for me to finish, so they'll be coming soon. I promise I'll have that shop feature up this week BEFORE my blog hop on Saturday.

As a tease, this months feature will be on Marti's Buttons N' Beads on etsy & Facebook ;)

Further more, those of you commenting may notice I've changed the settings. No captcha's, don't worry ;)

Due to rising frustration and irritation at the number of anonymous spamming comments to sort through, I've removed the anonymous commenting for the time being.

Zan, I know you don't have a blog or fb page or anything, but according to Open ID, you can use that option if you have a google or gmail account, too. Here's the link so you can check it out. http://openid.net/get-an-openid/

 If you still can't use it to comment,  you're still welcome to email me and I can enter you in anything that has commenting as a requirement ;)


  1. Thanks for the update :) You just take care of yourself, and feel better. The blog hop on Saturday will be fun!

    lots of love,

  2. Good to hear from you and I am sorry to hear of your challenges! Here's hoping Spring bring better things and better news.
    No worries on Freebie Fridays. that's not why we come here. I like hearing about you and seeing what you have done (LOVE seeing your wild stash/work area). ;-)

    Take care,

    1. Zan! Yer registered! YAY!! No more need for sorting through comments and anonymous spambots >.<

  3. Wow. I am glad that I caught this post. I really haven't been on FB lately so I am pretty behind. How are you?