Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BSBP - Beady Goodness!

Alrighty... so both my partner and myself now have our respective soups... so the teasing can stop now ;)

Sorta ;)

Remember my pretty little mosaic I sent Lucie?

Here it is :)

A Marsha Neil pendant for the focal,  as well as a pretty glass seahorse ( creator unknown) as an extra focal. The clasp is a brass clock toggle that I got in a swap from Lori a while back, and my friend Shay sent me some recycled sari silk for my birthday last fall, so I decided to share a wee bit of that as well.  The rest of the soup consists of some peachy potato pearls, a strand of swarovski crystals with a swarovski element on the end, some assorted Czech glass, brass bits, and a few kyanite brain fails me on the other stone.. lol >.< I know it.. crazy lace agate maybe? It'll come to me after I hit publish ;)  I also included a few random metals, including a shoe charm... Lucie LOVES shoes. I'd hoped I had two so I could make her some earrings, but nope... just one lonely little shoe.

She loves the soup and I can't wait to see what she comes up with :)

Here's the lovely serving she sent me :)

Now for those who missed it, my soup created a wee bit of drama over at BeadSoup Cafe.  See those pretty red seeds on the bottom left with the black dots on them? One of the ladies at the BSC recognized them as being poisonous and having been banned here in Canada! We quickly verified that yes, they were indeed the 'bad seeds' in question, and Lucie called the supplier she'd got the beads from and gave him hell...and got a refund ;) The beads were tossed, hands and the accompanying seed pod washed, and all was well :)

I still have a fabulous soup to work with, one that I already have divided into baggies for various ideas... PLUS  the 'deadly bead seed' incident has inspired a special piece :D hehe  

Leave it to me to draw inspiration for the weirdest things;)

So there you have our soups :) Make sure to pop back round for the third reveal to see what we turn them into ;)



  1. I love what you sent, every single thing is so unique! A clock clasp! Seriously charming :)

    And love all the natural stuff Lucie sent you too, and the coke bead, cute!

  2. Nice soups! I love the ones you sent. Luscious colors and textures. YUMMY!! Have fun!