Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching up Part 1 & 1/2.. aka... the haunted ipad

Yeah... the haunted iPad...

 well... iPad Mini.

I'd planned on this being some more photos of recent work, and few of my older pieces that I can't remember if I shared or not... BUT...

... the haunted ipad had other ideas.

Some of you might be in an FB group called 'Fans of Epbot' ( and if you're not, you probably will be once you go read some of the Epbot blog... it's FABULOUS ). If you are, then you might remember a comment made concerning my ipad and some of it's hi-jinx. At least, I'm fairly certain that was where I mentioned it.

Anyhow, I shall 'introduce' you  to my new 'friend'.

My brother repairs phones and ipads and such, and while he's cut back to just doing phones now, while he was doing ipads, I managed to get one from him. He'd been planning on fixing it up and giving it to me for my birthday, but I ruined his plans and bought it off of him first.. very cheaply. For just over the cost of  new screen, I got my ipad mini. No clue about who originally owned it, or what they did to it that they traded it or sold it to my brother, but it was now mine and it was great.

... for awhile.

Or at least, I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary until about a month or so ago.

I have my google docs app on it and do some reading and writing on it while I can, as well as fb, and couple little time wasting games, including WordTrek ( which my dad constantly takes over whenever I visit).
I noticed it first with WordTrek... the letters would suddenly start to 'type themselves', or the screen would flip up or down as far as it could... or go white. And I kept finding websites entered into the browser that no one had entered. THAT I'm fairly sure was just my dad accidentally hitting the ads at the bottom of the screen while playing... same as at least half the 'white screens'. 

The letters typing themselves and the scrolling up and down... no clue. My only idea on it is a messy or screwy screen...?

Then it started doing in when I was in docs. I'd be editing or writing something, and all of a sudden random letters would be typing out and the cursor would be zipping all over my screen... the page would be scrolling wildly, or zooming in and out.

Incredibly irritating, let me tell ya.

It even started doing it on fb, although it seems to be focusing mostly on my writing in docs - which I should point out is supernatural in genre, and my favorite, and current main character.. is a necromancer. Coincidence? Eh.... the screwy screen theory isn't so good when it's only happening occasionally in just the one program... when the majority of the content concerns ghosts and such...

Anyhow, you're probably wondering what that has to do with delaying the blog post. First, no, I do not write my blog posts on my ipad, or post them from my ipad... I wouldn't have a clue how to even begin figuring that out. HOWEVER, I do take photos on my ipad, and need to get those photos onto my laptop so they can be added to my blog... and everyone keeps saying to use the cloud... I do use a cloud, I use the google docs cloud all the time... but the icloud is a different one and I have no desire to have to figure out how to juggle various things between different clouds...

.. and that sounds very strange if you don't know what the kind of cloud I'm referring to is... but oh well.

My method of transferring photos between ipad and laptop? email.

... although it just dawned on me now that I USE THE GOOGLE DOC CLOUD ALL THE TIME... just like I said... I could add PHOTOS to my docs and then save them to the laptop from there >.< *headdesk*

Sorry, it's been a slow/off brain kinda month so far...

where was I? Oh yeah.. emailing my blog photos to myself.

So, worked fine last time. No problem.  This time... they have become lost in the vastness of the interwebs...

For some reason, my email account when used on the ipad, offers an autofill for my one gmail account... with the 'nickname' of Holidays in Canada when I click autofill. It's MY email address, fully and completely, no misspellings, or differences at all... aside from the odd 'holidays in canada' nick that I have no clue where it came from... my account has the nick of 'Skye' attached to the email addie, so...

When I sent the first three emails to the autofill one and they didn't arrive... I sent them again without clicking the autofill.... and they still haven't arrived....

So when /IF they arrive, or I figure out how to add the photos into my docs app and share them that way, I will continue with 'catching up part 2'.

In the mean time, I think I'm going to write a story where my necromancer exorcises a possessed ipad in hopes that my little gremlin will get the hint and leave my emails alone, at the very least.

 I may also need to decorate my plain ipad cover appropriately... skulls and ghosts...
.... maybe the anti-possession charm from Supernaturals...? I haven't watched the show in forever... hmm... nah, I'll stick with my skulls and spooks... maybe a gremlin or two... Might as well make it feel at home, right?

I'll catch you all again later... my turkey stew is smelling wonderful and I need to go eat some of it.

...and if you're reading this on your ipad... keep an eye on it... just in case it's contagious ;) buwhahahahahaha :D


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    1. no.. my email ghost ate them... and they still haven't appeared >.< I tried sending them to one of my other accounts, so if they show up there, I'll blog again tomorrow! lol WITH PICTURES!! And a video if it shows up... and blogger lets me.. lol