Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Catching Up part 1

yes, you read that right...PART 1.

Hey, it's been two years... even doing next to nothing requires some 'updating', right? lol

I had planned on doing this post on Sunday, but I didn't have time between work and heading to my parents place.

 Monday came, but I decided to wait since I wanted to add some photos.. and it was overcast and 'rainy' ( although I use the term loosely.. it was more of an all day mist than an actual rain).

Tuesday arrived... and I forgot all about wanting to take the photos and write the post, so here we are. WEDNESDAY .. and I've taken the photos only to realize that I took way too many to stick in one post... and don't want to risk getting lost playing with picmonkey or one of it's 'cousins' by making collages. It would've been posted this morning, BUT my ipad was giving me a hassle about moving the photos, and then I was having issues with the blog itself... I'm blaming my mom's internet connection...>.< lol

Maybe for part 2 I'll collage some... we'll see. I may end up doing this in 3 parts... two for jewelry catch up/ review, and 1 for painting... not that I've accomplished much there aside from 'starting shit'.... I'm really good at 'starting shit'... lol

So, how about a 'me' update to start? Yeah.. that works... here's me now :D Well, actually it's year or so old now, but I still look the same anyhow...

I'm still a baker, although now I'm the head baker, and am learning management crap alongside the actual management trainee. I turned the management position down, and yet... I'm still getting the training anyhow. 

Back when I was posting regularly, I had a couple cats and a bird.
 Xander the youngest cat, I gave up because he'd started picking on my older cat. Just shy of a full year later, my older cat, Pit, passed away due to kidney failure. About six months after that, my bird, Jo passed away as well... just one month shy of his 30th birthday. 
My place remained critter free until a few months ago when Bowie moved in. 

Bowie was originally named Joey, but since I'd had MY Joey for 29 years, I couldn't bring myself to call this one by the same name... so since he's a big music fan, he became Bowie. The fake green bird in the background there is Buddy... he's a motion sensor that chirps... and that Bowie alternatively cuddles up and twitters to... or beats the crap out of, depending on his mood. He's become very talkative, and imitates crows, dogs, and squeaky toys... Seriously... he makes a very believable squeaky toy noise that has made my dad's dog Sissy, very unhappy with him... she thinks Bowie stole her toy and is hiding it in his cage.

The issues I was having with my joints, especially my elbows, wrists, and fingers, have cleared up, but then I haven't been working with my tools much, which means less strain. I'll need to make sure I don't over do it now that I'm back to making jewelry.

Speaking of which, I did mention that I'd finally made a bracelet - the first complete piece of jewelry I've made in... hmm.. over a year anyhow.

A mix of blue glass and stones, and silver charms. I don't know why it ended up being all blues... usually my 'charm' bracelets like this have at least two colours in them, plus the metal... but this one insisted on being all blues.

I'm afraid I didn't take a finished pic of the owl set I gave my friend, but I did take a pic of a similar set when it was finished. These were probably the last bits of jewelry I made, aside from my vintage button earrings.

and here are some of the vintage button earrings I made. I made a pair with blue and red drops, and a knotted rope motif on the button itself, but I kept those for myself :)

Well, hopefully, I hadn't posted about any of that before I 'went off the air', so to speak. Hate to repeat myself, but I'm too lazy to backtrack and see what I did or did not cover back then >.<

I'll post up a collection of some of the other things I've done, or am doing, in the next post :)


  1. Glad you're back, enjoy your posts.

  2. Welcome back! If we weren't friends on Facebook I would have been worried about you.

    1. I know... I started the blog as both a writing prompt thing and a jewelry thing... then when the jewelry muse went into hibernation, the blog did too... forgot about using it as a writing prompt >.< I'll have to try to keep it going this time, with a minimum of one post a month, so I don;t fall back out of it again!

  3. Hmmm, is she REALLY back or is this a just a tease?! I'm going to cheer you on Sandra as I try to blog once a week myself. In fact, I am challenging you - let's see which one of us keeps at it the longest. You up for it? A blog post a week??What can we wager? Lol

    1. Once I get into it, I'm usually fairly good about getting a post a week out.. although sometimes I have to write two or three at once and schedule them to post later >.< lol IF my photos will appear in my email, I'll write TWO posts this weekend, and schedule one for later on in case I get bogged down again lol