Sunday, June 17, 2012

Challenge Aftermath

 wow... alright, the toolbox challenge was not only fun but very productive :)  I am truly impressed by what was created out of this :D

I'm going to be posting a gallery here on my blog where all the pieces made for this challenge will be posted, along with the links to the blogs. Anyone who wants to take up this challenge, even now that the hop is over with, is welcome to create something and send me a link to their work, and I'll include it in the gallery.

There were four no shows for the hop... Shaiha let me know ahead of time that she was having camera troubles and would post as soon as she could.  The other three, I've since heard from two, one of which posted a day late and the other forget to hit post before she left on vacation... she'll have hers up in July when she gets back home ;)  However, we also picked up an extra participant, Toltec Jewels who blew me away by joining up, finishing, photographing and posting all on the day of the hop :)

All in all it was a success and I WILL be hosting another one. Part of me wants to do it RIGHT NOW  lol.. but I think we'll wait until the fall ;) However, in the mean time, as I said, you're welcome to take up the challenge again and send me a link to your finished piece for the Challenge Gallery, and gee, if enough people are interested, I will certainly host another hop sooner ;)

At the moment however, we've come to the little surprise I sprung on my hop day post. I didn't tell any of the participants who signed up, or mentioned anything about it before signing any one up. I had a little pile of goodies for one lucky participant who finished the challenge and got their blog post up on time... so all of those who had their blogs posted on Saturday ( or let me know ahead of time about problems) were entered into a drawing.

Sarah  aka Poodledo , you're the lucky one :D  Send me your address through email or facebook and I'll mail these out to you :)

 A mix of Czech glass, porcelain & glass, with four crackled faceted agate rounds, and two vintage foil lined glass rounds.

Remember, the Chaos Challenge mini blog hop & reveal is June 30th :)  For those interested, I'll be posting sign ups for round two of that shortly, so keep an eye out ;)

~ Skye


  1. I am ready for the next one and now that I have my new camera I will have my necklace up in the next couple days.

  2. :) Thank you for letting me share in your super fun Toolbox Challenge! Not only was your challenge and blog hop super cool, it was hard to resist. Something about those tools ... The challenge was also enjoyed by artist Christiane Ross -- the "guru of Jewel School" -- who saw the reveal and loved the idea so much she too created "toolbox jewelry" for Father's Day: a bracelet of faceted rich blue quartz and nuts that host Kim Prentiss wore during the Sunday show, along with jewelry made by guest Sandra Younger and her "Knotty Do it All." Your cool Toolbox challenge went national :) Way to go Skye! And thanks again for letting me jump in on the last day.. oh, last minute.... oh, last second! lol, I loved it! Big hugs, Rita