Friday, June 22, 2012

Wow, what a day!

I was just thinking I should get busy and write a blog post.... something I think just about every day and then don't do for one reason or another >.<

But today.. wow.. so much to share :D

First off...I came home to find mail... the good kind.. that kind that makes me squee like a fan girl :D  ( Okay..I actually got this yesterday, but I found a frame for it today :) )

Wolverine by IskaDesign

This was drawn for me by a girl in the Netherlands. She then didn't want to risk it getting smudged on the journey over, so she photographed it, and sent me a glossy print of it :) The print is  .. gods I don't know... probably 8" x 12"  and I think it looks even better then this pic of the original sketch :)

Next, I find an email from FushionMuse that I won one of their ' Free beads for bloggers' bundles :) So when I get them, I'll show you all what I get to play with :)

And then, as if that wasn't enough to totally leave me grinning like a fool all night, the amazing Lori Anderson, of Pretty Things has finished assigning partners for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party, and I received my email introducing me to my partner :)  Maria Horv├íth of Horimarikabeads  :)

Plus, I seem to have broken through my art block, and have a painting in the works :) It's for a girl who provided very little in the way of ideas...aside from the fact that she likes Greenday .. and she thinks pandas are cute... so not helpful lol  I toyed with the idea of doing some black and white jewelry with a panda head charm... then  while doodling out some ideas, I doodled this guy... originally intended to be an idea for a small plushie..

... but then I grabbed a canvas and start to work...


the background is in shades of green, supposedly reminiscent of bamboo ... lol  this is a bad picture of it... crappy light.  don;t worry, I'll take another, better shot when I'm done :) Have to see if he turns out as cute as the doodle ;)

Alright... I'd better get out of here. The white is all dry and ready for me to start adding in the black :)

Btw, there is still four days left to get in on  the latest Freebie Friday giveaway :)  I'm going to be mean and NOT post a link to it... so scroll down a few posts until you find it ;)

~ Skye

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  1. I won some free beads for bloggers too, and got my email from Lori with my BSBP partner.

    It's exciting! :)