Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beads for Bloggers - Finish!


Not only have I accomplished using my free beads from Fusionmuse, but it got me on a roll and I managed to finish off a couple other over due projects as well, and put a dent in another one :D

So  recap ... I joined Fusionmuse's Beads for Bloggers program, where you sign up for a chance to be chosen to receive a little bundle of free goodies to work with. 

Here's what I received to work with...

Check out my in progress post HERE.

And here's what I did :)

 The little turquoise colored magnesite rounds I paired up with some 20g copper wire to make beaded chain.

That black thing on the bottom is the one foot of my tripod >.<

The multi colored shell rounds were teamed up with tiny faux pearls. The bangle is made of stainless steel wire, and the ends are hidden beneath a couple beadcaps :)

the coral coins that I was planning on doing in a bracelet changed their minds and demanded to be earrings instead.

Feminine little buggers, aren't they? Pink and sparkly... *sigh* My jewelry has such girly moments ...

and that bracelet in progress... ended up as this. The resin rounds and the focal, teamed up with copper wire and some red 'stone look' glass oval beads :)

So there you have it. My ' fusionmuse' creations :)

Thank you Tanya of Fusionmuse for the opportunity :)


If you want to see about getting some free beads to play with too, go check them out and become one of their blog buddies :)

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Free Beads for Blogging. Contact: fusionmuseoffice@gmail.com


  1. Wow girl now you have me all inspired again.Thank you,The pieces are wonderful.Love and hugs Tanya

  2. Beautiful creations! I'm a "FusionMuse" blog buddy too! What beautiful beads you received -- and the jewelry you created is even more lovely! The turquoise and copper chain is classic, gorgeous. Love the rich red agate focal and resin bracelet! Gorgeous! Your multicolor shell bracelet is bright and cheery, and I adore the pink coral coin and butterfly earrings!! So pretty :) Lovely jewelry!

  3. I love that beaded chain. And the necklace! But I love the beaded chain the best.

  4. Very nice job with your soup. I especially love thered agate and copper.

  5. great job! I've still got a mental block when it comes to the candy rounds and the shell at the moment. It's taking me so long! Sometimes you can put the prettiest of beads in front of me and I have no clue whatsoever.

  6. wonderful! you did a great job with all your pieces, but I do really love that beaded chain - very nice!

  7. I love your beaded chains. I never have the patience though I guess I could make some up when the hubby traps me in front of the tv.

    How did covering the clasp with bead caps work? Never seen that done before.

  8. Beautiful work! I love how we all created such different things with the same beads.