Sunday, August 19, 2012

To-Do list catch up :)

So I decided that enough was enough..I NEEDED to stop taking on more work and FINISH OFF SOME PROJECTS!!

I actually decided that several times over a few months... >.<

.. but this time I MEAN IT!

Seriously !

I'm not doing any more gifts for my art exchange until my todo list is all crossed off, my beads are reorganized, and I can see my desk again :)

I'm making head way :D

Well... Kinda sorta  anyhow ;)

I bought two boxes of mini Rolo and Coffee Crisp ice-cream treats. Mini as in 'half of a Popsicle' kinda size.  The plan was, if I crossed things off my list that day...or at least worked towards that goal... I could  have one :)

I've had three ... and haven't crossed a single damned thing off my list yet >.< lol  BUT, in my defense...I had a really crummy day the other day and REALLY needed those two... it was ice cream or booze... seriously.

... I had the booze too, btw ;) lol

So why am I blogging instead of doing my list? 

I AM doing my list... seriously...I have a project over on my couch with one part done (yay!) and I have supper on the stove... so I figured I'd take a break to cross another item off my list... write a blog post!  WHOOHOO cross this baby off the list ;) Ice cream for dessert!!

Hmm...  this post needs more than me telling you what horrible will power I have >.<

Oh, I know! Pretty pictures :D

All taken by me.

got tons more but I need to move on and do other stuff now :)


  1. Oh heavens, you had me giggling! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile. Now I need to go put ice cream on my grocery list...

  2. Your photos are great. I love the dragonfly one. I am interested on knowing how you organize your beads. I am new to beading with tons and tons of beads and a hard time getting organized.

  3. I want to see pics when you get it all organized. Personally I couldn't imagine even trying in a small space. You should have seen my area when it was part of the living room. Well let's just say that the only people I let come over were other beaders.

  4. I tend to commit more than I finish. I think it's a trait of fabulousness. :)

    LOVE the pics. I'll be over later for ice cream and booze!