Sunday, February 10, 2013

Checking In

A quick note to let everyone know that the winners from the Sadafulee feature post have been chosen via Rafflecopter. 

Zan & Stephanie have both won $15 towards their shopping at Sadafulee :)  They've both been notified and responded .... and no doubt are trying to decide what to buy right now ;)

Don't worry, next month will see another shop feature and giveaway... and the month after that, too ;) You'll just have to keep an eye out ;) 

And don't forget, you can still enter F.F# 14 ! This is a short month, so you won't have as long to get your entries in ;)

Despite this being a short month, there are more blog posts on the horizon. This week will see my intro to my partner for this years BSBP, Lucie Bouvier, plus my soup teaser ;)

As well, I've been trying a little 'product research' idea that I'll be sharing my findings on soon, plus I'll have a photo update on my 'bead tornado' living room ... I can see carpet again! ;) .... of course... I can't see my kitchen table, but... hey I have FLOOR! :D hehehe

Jewelry wise, I have managed to get a few pieces done :) A couple escaped before I took photos, sorry, but they were only simple little earrings, so no biggie ;)  One I can't share yet since it's for a blog hop, but I can share it's predecessor. Well... a part of it, anyhow. 

Those on CBC may remember my whine about my swarovski pendant breaking... Here it is when I'd finished and taken the first photos... then noticed the marring... see it right beneath the bail? A line that goes almost straight across. It wasn't as noticeable in person as it is in the photo... more of a light scratch. I'd decided to do a loose wrap bail to cover the scratch... when the 'scratch' revealed itself as more than a scratch and broke >.<

death of sparkle >.<

Luckily I was able to find a different focal that still worked with the rest of the necklace... but the death of sparkly pretties just makes you want to sulk >.<

That was the only jewelry causality that comes to mind though... aside from this month's non-blogger challenge which I failed miserably with what may be the worlds ugliest earrings... and no, I'm not sharing them lol They're back in pieces and may be made into the bracelet they were originally intended to be... once I get more head pins the right size.

I WILL leave you with another bracelet that DID work and that I rather like :)

Keith Novakak,  lampwork,  Lauren Potts
success at last ... lol

Made with black Chinese crystal rondelles, two big amber coloured Czech glass beads, a vintage metal button for a clasp... and a couple tiger swirl lamp work beads from Keith Novakak  via Lauren Potts. I got these ages ago and kept meaning to make something and share them with you all, but nothing I made with them felt right... so I'd take it apart and put them away again.  THIS  feels right... :)

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  1. It most definitely is right. It is gorgeous and the colors are so right for me. Thank you so much!!!