Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here We Go Again!

I decided to hop on board the BSBP train again this year :)

This is my third 'helping' of Bead Soup.

First round I got the fabulous Shai Williams, who opened my beading world to so many new fabulous materials that I'd been afraid to try do to what I thought they'd cost... and whom I am still friends with :) I even ended up friends with her hubby, Saje, and have bought two of his books :)

The second round I was paired up with the talented, Mária Horváth,who challenged me with a some of her seed bead work, and some crochet :) It was a fun lot to work with, making me think out side of the box! Unfortunately, we didn't connect the same way for a lasting friendship, but we had a language barrier to overcome that seemed to join forces with a lack of shared interests. 

This round, I've been dealt an unexpected hand ... a fellow Canadian! 

Lucie Bouvier, owns "Carlos Little Bead Store" out west in Alberta.

A real, brick and mortar shop where she has ; 'free classes and over 1000 square feet of products, giftware, etc.'  ( yes I stole the info right from her about page..I wanted to get it right ;)  )
'Glass, resin, semi-precious beads, crystals, pearls, seed beads, chains, wire, cord, leather, tools and all the findings you an imagine, from all around the world.

We offer a variety of classes, parties, lunch and learn and customized workshop during hours of business or on appointments outside regular hours.'
See... that gets me right there... not only does she offer a full selection of beady goodness...AND classes... but she does parties and stuff, too! Makes me wish I lived in Alberta >.<

Her blog and fb page have very little about HER, so it hasn't been easy to come up with a post to introduce her. Of course, I COULD have sent her some questions and done an interview deal, but she has a family,  a business... and she just got back from the gem show in Tucson! (jealous!) so I figured she'd be a tad busy ;)

I did manage to find out a few little things... like, in addition to loving beads, she LOVES shoes ;)  Seriously loves shoes.. to the point they're part of her logo...
 lol  I tried SO hard to play with this, thinking it would be cute to make a pair of earrings or a charm bracelet featuring shoe beads or charms to send her as a little gift... but you know how fate goes... when there's something you really need, it's impossible to find... until you no longer need it, of course :(

I also learned , that she started n the jewelry business as L.B. Creations ( apparently, there are a few jewelry based businesses by that name on Facebook, however >.<). I did have too fun fun looking through her gallery. I had to message to make sure they were all her pieces, since many bead stores, especially ones that host classes, often have a page to share clients and students work... but this gallery is all hers .  After much consideration... and nail biting and ooohing and awwing... here are some of my favorites...

pearl tree necklace
wire crochet

gemstone lampwork chain
glass drops

 Check out her gallery... there really are too many beautiful pieces there. Her bracelets are all the same style but in different colors and materials, but they're too pretty to chose between >.< I could just keep posting her entire gallery here... 

 The first BSBP I did was some where around three hundred and some odd participants I think... I'm thinking 360 or somewhere in that area.

This round.... OVER 500..... PLUS there's an extra group doing a Facebook version! A ..BSFbP lol ;)  Luckily, it's divided into three different hops, and I'm in the last one :)

Want to see what I sent her? I SHOULD use it in a second post, but I delayed a bit too long on getting this one up and she could be getting her soup any day now... so...

I'm looking at this trying to remember what each blob is ;) hehe


  1. Your patch of blobs almost looks like a satellite pic. I don't think I envy your partner trying to decide what to send when she has a whole huge shop to choose from.... On the other hand I suppose I could try to struggle through

  2. What an exciting partner! I can't wait to see what she sends you. Great post!

  3. Can't wait to see what you create! It is great the you got a fellow Canadian to swap with.

    Thank you for the Sadafulee win and gift. The shop owner is wonderful and I recommend that everyone visit her shop for some beautiful goodies.

    Keep up the blogging! I enjoy every one!