Sunday, May 19, 2013

Earring Swap Blog Hop

Jessica of Whimsical Monkey had the desire to be part of an earring swap... and the urge to host her own blog hop... so here we have both in one :)

I can't show you what I received from my partner, Tania Spivey, since I haven't received them yet ;) Tania had one of those brainfart moments when she wrote down the hop date and wrote 'June' instead of 'May' ;) ( come on, I know plenty of you have done it before ;)

They're in the mail though and should arrive this week :)

I can show you what I made her, though :)  When discussing styles, she said 'bohemian', no neutral colours, something that will show beneath her hair but 'not shoulder dusters'.

I went for bohemian... or I tried... I got distracted >.<

Blue and orange sparkly bits took control of the process... >.< Don't think they're in the 'bohemian' category, but they're pretty :) Hope she likes them!

 Here's the hop list for the rest of the participants :)

HOSTESS: Jessica
Inge von Roos: 
Nancy Smith:
Marianne Baxter:
Leah Tees:
Andrea Trank:
Miranda Ackerley:
Cheri Mitchell-Reed:
Susan Kennedy:
Michele Dotson:
Deanna Cox:
Shelley Graham Turner:
Ingrid McCue:
Lennis Carrier:
Ginger Davis Allman:
Mary Anne Flesch:
Nicole Valentine Rimmer:
Stephanie Weiss:
Silvia Sernicola:
Karla Morgan:
Kay Thomerson:
Paula Hisel:
Carol Dillman:
Spun Sugar Beadworks:
Tara Plote:
Rachel Baron:
Laurie Keefe:
Kashmira Patel:
Gina Hockett:
Shellie Grindy:
Shai Williams:
Dyanne Cantrell:
Mimi Gardner:
Jessica McMullen:
Jennifer LaVite:
Laura Medeiros:
Alenka Obid:
Elsie Fonseca:
Cheryl Dunham:
Sandra McGriff: <-You are here
Tania Spivey:
Mowse Doyle:

Beccy Peterson: Beccy's Baubles
Mischelle Fanucchi:
Marde Lowe: FanciMar Designs

For her very first bloghop it was incredibly well organized, but seemed to have been hit by a large number of people who can't make the hop date and will be posting late, or who didn't get their earrings mailed out to their partners on time. Some of these are honest mistakes or timing issues, but many seem to be people who didn't have the time to participate but signed up anyhow.

Due to some people being overly emotional and down right rude, I don't believe I'll be participating again. No, no one was rude to me, but I did receive complaints from others about their own experiences. I believe Jessica quickly became over whelmed with the turn out, and while she organized it extremely well, when it came to personally handling people, she often seemed to jump to an 'offensive defense'... sort of an ' attack them before they attack her'. She was stressed and upset that she laid out rules that people seemed to not follow or read, so I understand her getting upset, but I do think she could've handled some of it better. I understand how she feels, however, when you're running, or even participating in something like this, you don;t want to alienate the very people who read your blog, or fave your shop and items. It's a hard balance for some to strike 'online', being firm while being polite, but it just takes some practice on what words to avoid since they don;t translate well in type.

 Overall, I think she did a good job and hope she decides to try hosting again... but with a smaller, more easily contained participant list, and a bit more practice on people skills ;)


  1. Oh that color combo qualifies it for the boho family :) And they sure are pretty! Love them!

    And about the brain fart? I have that every year. Every year I wish my brother-in-law on May 22 for his birthday which falls on June 22nd. This time I remember (I made a calendar with the birthday folks photos, so there is no mistaking this time, you'll see the may one on my FB, its the cover photo right now) but something will feel wrong on May 22nd.

    1. I DO have a birthday that needs to be celebrated on May22nd, but for the past thirteen years I've always thought it was either the 21st or the 23rd and so was never on time >.< this year I FINALLY remember the correct date.. and we're celebrating it early anyhow lol

  2. Those are great. She should love them. What a great pop of color. and I think they're very Bohemian. Can't wait to see what you get. My earrings from my partner hadn't gotten here yet, but I went ahead and put my post up.

    1. I figured THIS was the hop day so I needed to post anyhow. What good does it do to post after the hop day? I can still show my work and provide the hoplist for everyone else to follow :) Glad to know I'm not the only one to feel this way ;)

  3. You made a great work, I love the color combo so much!

    1. ty :) so glad that everyone seems to agree with them being 'bohemian' :)

  4. Great earrings! You did get the boho feel right on! I love the delicacy of the butterflies inside the more earthy texture of the copper rings. Very nice, indeed! I know what you mean about the emotions that ran amok in the lead up to the reveal. Could have been handled better by everyone involved. This is all for fun, after all!

    1. ty :) Yes, I think the best way to have handled any of it was to just not reply to most of it. If it hadn't been a partnered swap, I think most would've just dropped out.

  5. Definitely feel the Boho feel here.. and yes I know all about brain farts... I tend to call them blonde moments or I am in an oldie fog.. LOL

    1. Ty! :) and yeah, but 'brain fart' is more fun to say ;) lol

  6. You did a greatjob, delicate, beautiful color combo, and definately BOHO.

  7. Certainly this is boho. And a bright, cheerful color combination. I missed all the drama about the swap, sorry to see it happened, but then one of the hardest things we ever do in life is deal with others...and our emotions about others! It is, indeed, a delicate balance. I'm glad the blog hop is going off as planned. This is a good thing!

    1. ty :) Yes, and every person who steps up to try that their hand at either participating in a large event, or running one, has to find their way through and strike their own balance :)

  8. Great earrings Sandra! I was late posting myself, so hopefully more will have their posts up soon!

    1. Leah, it's still the 20th according to the blog post you put up ;)

  9. You may have convinced me I can use orange...I tend to shy away from the color, but these are fun and sparkly. As for the other...not touching it; I think I missed some things and I'm okay with that. Ohh look, butterflies!

    1. Ty, and yes, use orange or other bright colours :D I blame it on last years BSBP partner who sent me orange.. and got me hooked lol

      As for the other, you have no

  10. Love what you made - great color combination!

  11. Just love the variety of textures in the earrings. And the colors..very boho.

    And about the other...I am one of the folks that flubbed up. I got hit hard with a migraine yesterday and I am still loopy with it. Both myself and my partner received our earrings but I still haven't done the pics or my post yet.

    1. From the way our hostess was complaining, it sounded like a LOT of people weren't posting on time. I think there's a percentage of every hop that life interferes with and causes delays or even drop outs. It's pretty much to be expected. I'm slowly working my way through a few different hops, and in this one, I haven't come across 'that' many that are late, and of those that were/are , so far only one forgot about it then had to scramble. The rest were all hit with life issues that stole the time away.

  12. Definitely BOHO but cute BOHO for sure! I love them!

  13. You made very nice earrings. I'm sure your partner will love them.

  14. Sandra! I think these earrings are very Boho. I can see them being worn to dinner on the beach with a cool peasant shirt and some jeans and sandles! (maybe with a matching anklet!) They are VERY cool!

    One thing I like about you - you have the balls to say what everyone else is thinking and even if ppl don't like it, well sometimes it just needs to be said! (but if you see I have something in my teeth or need eat a mint, could ya tell me in private! LOL)

  15. Gorgeous earrings!!! I looove the blue-orange combination!!!
    As for the swap, I agree with Shelley, this is what most of the participant are thinking about it, even if I did not have any issue with it. Anyway, I was paired with a great partner and so happy to have participated.