Thursday, May 16, 2013


 Sorry for being M.I.A. again >.<

I need to work through this issue of  ' needing to do' = work ... when I don;t NEED to write a post, I'm fine... when I do NEED to write one, I don't want to... it has become work and is no longer something I can just do... >.< 

Same goes for blog hops and things like that... they're fun until they hit that point where my brain switches from 'want to do' to suddenly ' have to do' , and rebels >.<  So because I have a winner to chose and announce, doing so has become a 'need to do' and thus is now 'work' ... and my brain rebels >.<

It's taken me... four days? Almost five just to write this short thing to say that.....

Carol Anderson Dillman has won the gift certificate to Pine Ridge Treasures :)

Carol, give me a shout either here, on facebook, or through email, and I will get that certificate to you :)


  1. Sorry I missed out on this prize. I have had a lot going on and just got behind reading my blogs. Thanks for the chance to win and I understand that you had to move on with another winner. Better luck to me next time.

    1. Carol, sorry you missed it, too :) but hey, I usually have one of these every month, so you may get the chance again :)