Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amazing Designs winners :)

yeah yeah.. so it's TUESDAY and not Monday... Monday my 'friend' decided to pummel me a couple days early, and that always leaves me curled up with a hot water bottle, feeling blah >.< lol

And this round, I know there'll be no need to remind the winners of how long they have to claim their prizes... both are very familiar names, even to my other readers... although one of them may get dirty looks for rafflecopter tossing out her name again ;) lol

Mischelle F. & Shaiha W.

Both of you  need to give me a shout, and tell me the email addie you want your prize to go to.


Alrighty... short post. Think I'll go ditch the jammies and head out to get some stuff done... and maybe go check out Michaels ;) Still haven't been in yet!


  1. Yeah to Mischellel and Shaiha. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  2. Oh totally cool! I just love Marlene's designs.

  3. oh wow.... thank you.. here is my email micheladas68@comcast.net...