Monday, June 3, 2013

Double Redo !

Well, it seems that Rafflecopter kept picking people who were just passing through when they entered the last contest... that's two now that I haven't heard from.

Third times the charm, right?

Well, my Follower list has decided to vanish again, so I'm not sure if she IS a follower or not, but this time, the name is familiar so she just might be ;)

Norma Turvey , you have until Thursday, June 6th at Midnight EST to contact me. Leave a comment, send me an email,  message me on facebook, whatever and however you want :) Just let me know you saw this and want your gift certificate to buy goodies at Lisa's shop by Thursday night.

If by chance I don't hear from Norma either, I'll be posting a fourth and FINAL winner Friday. I may have to dig out my printed copy of my members list and ditch all entries from people that are not on it and narrow it to Followers only... better chance of it being claimed ;) lol

But like I said, that's IF Norma doesn't claim it... and while I can't be sure if she IS a follower, I do recognize the name and have a vague recollection of seeing comments around here form her... not many, but some.. so...I think she just might be ;)

So come on, Norma... poor Lisa's getting a complex about no one wanting to claim her prize... and this gift certificate is getting mighty tempting to my shopping bug ;) lol

Oh, for those who follow me on facebook, I still feel might crappy, but loads better than I did. I think I'm approaching human again.. although human with a nasty, chest cough and a runny nose... I'll let you know if I get any closer after I have my coffee ;)


  1. You can just send it on to me if Norma doesn't answer. I know I'm a follower, since it shows up in my blog feed. :) So I'll be glad to take it off your hands and you won't have to go digging around for a printed list of followers that way. Especially since you're still not feeling 100%. :)
    Hope Norma sees this in time.

  2. Blogger disappears my followers list every now & then too! Hope you feel better soon, Skye.

  3. Well, I don't know about Norma, but I've been a real slacker on keeping up with blog posts lately. Too much going on in life, etc, etc...

  4. I have never seen anyone have such a hard time giving something away! I have to hand it to you Skye .... you are persistent and generous!
    Hope you feel much better soon!

  5. I agree with Kay. If Norma doesn't reply I would be happy to eliminate the hassle of drawing another winner. After all, you have my address.

  6. Blogger list is back. Must be the Twilight Zone.