Thursday, March 27, 2014

Having 'One of THOSE days' ...

You know the kind I mean... the ones where at every turn you find yourself wondering just why did you even bother getting out of bed... >.<

I'm not talking 'bad stuff' kinda day...

No.. this is one of those days filled with annoying little things...
.....and really stupid things...

 Really stupid things... that I myself have done >.<

Yeah... one of THOSE days.

Forgot to bake muffins last night, and my bagels were frozen... so woke up to no quick and easy breakfast this morning.. I had to COOK.. at four thirty in the morning >.<

And then... my coffee was too strong so I didn't drink all of it.

 I get to work to discover an order missing and had to head straight into the freezer to fix that issue... Me in the freezer at six am is NOT a happy thing >.<

Then I made a cup of tea and left it to steep just a wee bit too long... so extra strong luke warm tea... yum >.< followed by nuked, strong tea that went from too cold to tongue scalding hot in 30 seconds and then got forgotten about until it was back to being lukewarm again.. at which point I gave up and just drank it as is.

While making custard cups, we mix them in a big bucket and then pour half the mix at a time, into a jug to being able to fill the baking cups easier... When I gave the remaining mix a quick stir and went to use it to fill the rest of the cups... I picked up the big mixing bucket and awkwardly start to pour it into the cups... got about three done before it hit me what I was doing, and poured it into the jug first . By that point I just smirked and shook my head and my manager did the same >.< lol

And those were just a FEW of the little things >.<

I could put it off to my head just not being in the game lately. Lots of things filling my head so there's just not enough room for actual intelligence at the moment >.< lol

Everything from the BeadSoup and my designs, to trying to find a laptop that can do the things I need to do, plus the things I want it to do... and then try to justify to myself spending the money on it... and trying to do all of that and keep it to an amount that won't cause my brain to go into immediate panic mode and shut down >.< lol  Those are some of the little things filling my head.

Then there's the big, all encompassing things that the little things keep trying to distract me from. The top most being my gram, whose health has been on a downward spiral for a while now, is finally to the point that the doctors have stopped all further tests and medications, and declared that there's nothing more to do than see that she's comfortable. The days are full of the worry that the next time the phone rings, it'll be 'THE' call, but the hardest part of it for me is how painful it is for my mom. I'm one of those people that if my mom cries... I cry. doesn't matter if I see it or hear it, or just KNOW that she's crying.. wham... tears. >.<

I suppose, seeing as how my head is so full of stuff that it's perfectly acceptable to be distracted over, that my doing stupid little things all days is normal and perfectly excusable.

And if not, at least they serve to make me laugh at myself and help push the darker stuff back for a bit. Maybe that's WHY I'm doing it... maybe my subconscious is doing this stuff for the sole purpose of lightening the mood.


I LIKE that excuse.

That's good. I'm sticking with that one.

I'm not going looney, my SUBCONSCIOUS purposefully made me put my underwear on inside out AND backwards today... in a fully lighted room ( no hiding behind it being dark as a reason >.< )... Yes... it was on PURPOSE... to lighten my mood.... and I never even noticed until about three hours later >.< LOL

Yeeeessss... seriously lol >.< That is just the kinda day I've had >.< Luckily I have no issues with laughing at myself :) It IS funny, and laughter is the best medicine.. and smiles can get us through the hardest times :)

Alrighty.. well hopefully I'll get my head on straight enough to take pictures and share some of my progress on various projects in the next post.... or maybe just share some pictures.. yeah... something anyhow.. lol

In the meantime, giggle with me over the underwear issue... I mean... everyone has done them inside out at least once... maybe even backwards once... but to do BOTH at the same time... Yeah, that takes a special level of brain fry ;) LOL

 And hey... in my defense.. they're boxer briefs and so they don't 'feel' wrong backwards... I just noticed the the tag at the front.. on the outside >.< lol



  1. Hahahaha - it does sound like you're having one of those days. You are not alone, though. I wore two different sandals to work a while back :P

  2. It really was one of those days. Mine started off wacky and ended up with me laying in bed with my feet up with a migraine. I want a do over. I do hope that when you get 'that' call, it means that your grandmother passed peaceably.