Thursday, March 6, 2014

BSBP8- Great Minds Think Alike...

Remember I mentioned that I had THREE soups with different colour schemes and materials set out, and just had to see which one suited my partner best for a challenge...? And that the one was out of the running right away, since it was in colours that she uses alot and so it would be too easy for her...? Then she posted her teaser of the soup she sent ME, and it was in the same colour scheme! Whheeew.. close call there.. almost had matching soups, right ! *snort*  Yeah well... lol

If I HAD sent that purple-ish soup, the colours would've been the only match... instead, while we sent each other different colours... we went with the same metals, beads material, and theme... copper, gemstones, and BIRDS! :D

So now we're both dying of giggles over this :) That, plus despite mailing a day apart, we both received our soups today, and opened them within minutes of each other! lol

This is the soup I sent her...


Plus some little copper bird spacer beads that escaped the photo session. the bird focal is from TreeWings Studio, and the copper toggle( and the little egg shaped stones) I received from Lori Anderson during a bead swap. The flower beads were leftover from my very first BSBP soup ( from my partner, Shaiha) and just demanded to be included here. Oh and see that yellow? The African trade beads ( also from a swap, this one a Pantone colour swap with Solange ). The yellowish tone of the bird, plus the yellow trade beads, the little yelow glass beads, and the two faceted yellowish gemstones ( whose name has currently fled my brain) was all PERFECT for Audrey :) Not because she likes yellow... which as far as I know, she doesn't... but because she tends to totally blank on using it :) This is her soup challenge :D I don't see her having too much trouble... the bird isn't really 'yellow' yellow, and it and the trade beads have red mixed in to help her through it.. so do the little glass beads actually. I made one soup, but it's split into two sides... she can go with the 'softer' half to the left of the focal around the bottom... or she can go with the 'brighter/bolder' half to the right and along the top. either way, she gets some yellow to push through and work with ;) hehehehe

And this is the soup she sent me

A beautiful copper toggle from BooBeads and some copper beadcaps ( I forgot to send her bead caps >.< bah!), and then a brass bird stamping and some brass filigree beads. She mixed metals... *sigh* Now I wished I gone with my original plan for the toggle...I had a cute silver one with a cat that was kinda 'anti-bird', but made me giggle to consider including, but.. it was silver... so I didn't lol.
 She made the focal herself, and it'll be my main challenge.. it's big..I really have a comfort issue working with 'big' things... the biggest I've managed was a stone 'doughnut' from my first bsbp soup... ( it was square, actually, but.. you get the idea lol). This is a bit bigger, but it's also considerably 'more'... I LOVE it, and I WILL figure out how to work with it, but wow...

And then as if the challenge of the big focal wasn't enough... she sent me pretty druzzy spears... Have you noticed me use 'long' dangly type stones and beads much? Nope... I've  made exactly ONE piece, outside of earrings, with top pierced stones... I find them awkward and just... O.o... I love them and WANT to use them, however my brain refuses to see them 'fitting' in anything outside of earrings or as a focal... and for the BSBP, since it's about stepping outside your comfort zone, I will endeavor to NOT fall into those safe zones with these guys :)

 And then, as an added challenge... but one I was actually expecting from her since this IS Audrey and Audrey LOVES to resin and glue ... lol... she sent me some sparkly... I think the term is 'chatons' ? Things that I have to resin or glue, anyhow lol I was actually expecting the soup to contain more stuff along that line and am not-so-silently relieved over most of my soup containing 'holes' :D hehehe

I LOVE the colours, that silk is to die for.. and it'll be really hard to make myself use it...and she sent me crackled agate beads! hehehe..I bought some bigger ones and love them...but keep wishing they were smaller.. and now I have some smaller! lol

Okay, so now you see what I get to play with for the next month or so... I need to close the lid on the little box it's in so I'll stop playing with it. I split the tip of my thumb earlier this week so it's in no shape to start playing... and my hands are all dry and coarse from the weather and too many bouts of dish washing, so the silk keep catching on them >.< lol I need to moisturize before I get into this box of soup again :D

I hope all of you BSBP'ers get wonderful helpings of beadsoup to enjoy, and look forward to seeing everyone's creations!


  1. Gorgeous soups, have fun you two!!!

  2. Oh BOY!!! You are both going to have a Blast!!! Wonderfully thought out soups and beautiful ingredients!!! Have fun and Be Blessed!!!

  3. Gorgeous soups! I can hardly wait to see just what you do with your large focal. I know that it is going to be great though as your muse just loves challenges.