Monday, December 19, 2011



Hi :)

So how does a fan of Halloween decorate for Christmas, you ask?

Excellent question :D

The answer - with just the right touches ;)

Allow me to share a couple photos of my holiday decorations... now that I finally have some up ;) and share some tips with you.
Btw... I don't have a tree up because

a) I have two cats

b) I have no room

and c) I'm lazy

Christo'ween decorating tip #1 - how to accent 'normal' christmas decorations.
a) wreaths -  Here we have the black rose wreath accented with skulls that hangs on my kitchen door year round. A homage to my own tastes .. as well as a warning concerning the normal state of my kitchen and cooking ;) to make this into a Christo'ween decoration, I've added a festive little snowman... who looks a tad perturbed to be surrounded by skulls...

b)  Center pieces & Table top displays
Here it's the subtle touches that mean the most.
A standard crafty pine cone/greenery/ red candle/thingy takes center stage, with a white and cream clad Santa in behind and a little snow flake embossed candle holder on the front left.
To add a touch of Christo'ween to it... note the black roses in the vase behind it on the right and the little tombstone to the front right ... the tombstone is TOTALLY Christmas appropriate - it says 'Bill me later'

and of course, the best part of Christmas decorations ... 
c) lights 
As you can see, completely Christmasy. I have the light cord wrapped with greenery and little red velvet bows and gold bells.  The lights ARE skulls, yes, but they blink randomly  in red, green and gold! They even play music, although I have that turned off since it's on a motion detector and there's nothing quite like being woke from a deep sleep by the theme song from the movie 'Halloween' because the cats tried to play with one of the skulls or bells.

Here's a shot of the second strand above my computer, and a close up of them :) You can see the little crystal spiders I won from Jeannie's 12 days of Christmas blog hop in that one.

So there you have it. How to incorporate two holidays known for their decorations into one :)

Now that I've put up some decoration at least, I can now return to my work with a clear conscious :) hope you all enjoyed the pics :D

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