Thursday, December 29, 2011

December F.F. winner :)

Alright, so I'm a day late in posting this >.<

I came home from work yesterday absolutely wiped and just couldn't focus enough to write a legible post, let alone one that made sense in any way. Seriously... to let you know how tired I was..I went to bed BEFORE 8 pm. >.<  I was falling asleep watching a movie and finally gave up at about quarter to eight and went to bed. I decided since today was my day off,  I'd post my blog in the morning instead.

....Then I got called in to work. Since I managed to escape after a half day, I came home for a nap then did laundry... and now I have the time and the active brain cells to accomplish my blog post. Yay me :D!

For the record, I'm blaming my bed on my exhaustion. It's too comfortable.
I'm serious! Don't roll your eyes at me.. and I know you did! Now clean up the coffee you just spit all over your computer screen so I can finish this :p lol

As I was saying, my bed is too comfy. It's one of those foam things, which holds in the heat so you stay nice and warm all night. I have problems with my back though and tend to swap out between sleeping in my bed and on my couch... the couch tends to get more use since it's comfortable and I have to get up and walk across the room to turn off my alarm clock in the morning, so can't hit that damned snooze button ;) I'm also one of those people who don't sleep through the night. I ALWAYS wake up at least once some time around midnight or so, and usually a second time about an hour or so before my alarm is due to go off.  Anyhow, my mom decided that the problem was that my bed wasn't comfortable enough, so she brought me this thick foam padding to add to my bed.

Yes, this DOES make it more comfortable. And warmer. So much so that I sleep right through the night without getting up at all.. at least that I remember.  

I think that's the problem. I'm sleeping too deeply... weird, I know, but the more I sleep in my ultra comfy bed, the more days I end up feeling completely wiped out by the afternoon. Of course, this IS the holiday season with all the stress and workload that implies, so I'll see if it continues once we get into the new year and things even back out to normal.

Yeah, I'm rambling. Deal with it :p You should know by now I never come right out and tell you what you want to hear/read..I make you suffer through whatever is on my mind first.. buwahahahahaha! :) ( that was my evil laugh, btw... you should be able to hear it echoing around in your head.. if read it wrong.. try again :D heheh)

Okay okay okay! I'll get on with it!

The LAST Freebie Friday post from the blogspot site, F.F. #9  was a limited, Canada / U.S. giveaway of this

And the winner as chosen by  is...

            commenter # 8,   Marianne of Simply Seablime Jewelry!

                        Congrats, Marianne :) You've won my last giveaway of 2011 & the old blog!

I'll try to get up a post tomorrow featuring what's up for grabs next time and the new rules of the game ;) New year, new blog - new rules ;) Also means new goodies .. and since it will be the FIRST giveaway of the year, AND the new blog I'll make sure it's a special one ;) Plus, with the addition of followers, you can be sure there'll be a special part just for you guys :D

Keep in mind my current 'comfy bed = early bedtime' state of being though and if you don't see a post tomorrow, don't panic.. it'll get posted as soon as I can and you've still got most of a month to get your entries in ;)

                                 ~ Skye


  1. I need one of those foam things. Mine is ancient and well not that comfortable anymore so I end up sleeping on the loveseat a lot. And mine never kept me warm...

    Yes you are detecting a whine.

  2. Shay - Check WalMart or any store like that. The prices vary. I had one of the eggshell style ( the bumpy ones) and they suck. Go for the inch thick solid or more :)