Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Destash

This is a special, month long progressive destash giveaway for my followers :)

If you're not a follower, then you're not eligible :p

Each Friday I'll post a photo of some items that will be added into the 'pot'. 

This weeks destash addition - a hank of vintage black seed beads, and a string of.. well, we'll call them mystery beads. I have no idea what kind they are aside from being silver in color. They were part of a batch of I bought that contained the vintage beads. I did have plans for them- a mixed media necklace that I'd sketched out and had the beads all picked out to go with it... but the impulse to make it faded and I turned to different styles >.< 

I do that a lot... thus, the destash ;) 

All you have to do to enter is be a follower and comment saying you're interested in winning :) 

You can comment once each post, and there will be a new post with a new addition to the destash each Friday AT LEAST ... I may do the odd surprise extra post depending on my mood and what all I find as I sort through my goodies  :) 



  1. They look very interesting. Love the new blog and would love to win.

  2. Oh you know how I love more beads :)

  3. Am enjoying the new blog. Would be interested in winning the beads.



  4. Count me. I would love to win more beads.