Saturday, December 10, 2011

Test run

Good morning :) 
Yes...I said the words 'good' and 'morning' together... something I rarely do.
Of course... the times I DO use them together, I generally have the day off, and any morning where I don't HAVE to wake up at 4:30 to a blaring alarm already is on my 'good' list :D

So.. despite the headache that refuses to go away and the fact that it's 10:30 and I still have as yet done NOTHING on my todo list from last night, let alone form this morning... yes.. I'm still saying 'good morning'.

 ...we'll blame it on the fact that I've already had two cups of coffee, my cats have been in the snuggling mood and I got to watch the latest episode of Ghosthunters.

Oh.. and I'm playing with the new blog :D
 I'll make a new header at some point, by New Years hopefully.. maybe sooner depending on whether or not I get everything else done... and I'll probably try making my own background as well, but for now...I kinda like this :)

So to recap on my whine/rant.babbling fest from the last post ... lol 
1) I'm still fighting off whatever mystery bug this is - it doesn't hit hard enough to put me down, just hard enough to let me feel it, along with the occasional poke to keep my attention >.<

2) I'm still playing with the new blog.. as you can see ;)

3) .. as for the 'grey blah wish-it-would-make-up-its-mind whine about the weather and time of year....

It made up it's mind. It's no longer grey and blah... now it's white and cold >.< That's the view of my fire escape... the bit of blue on the right is my garbage can with about half a foot of snow on top of it. I should've had my camera with me yesterday to work. I couldn't taken some prettier pictures;) The snow fell constantly ALL DAY LONG. I looked like a snowman by the time I got to work. I banged off all the snow on my hat and coat while I was waiting for them to unlock the door and let me in... then got called to a stop so they could bang off the several inch tall pile of snow off the top of my backpack >.< 

REALLY glad that before this hit, I'd managed to find a good pair of knee high winter boots that not only keep my feet dry and warm, but have decent traction on the ice too. The skid marks of feet going down the hill on my walk home were a tad unnerving, but I only did a couple little skids.. and didn't even spill my coffee ;)

So...I opened my mouth and whined about how grey and dark it was... and tada.. it's all bright and sparkly white now. 

Me and my big mouth >.< 

So now I'll have to start setting my alarm another ten to fifteen minutes earlier to make up for the slower walk through the snow.. and occasionally shoveling off the steps as well.

I did however reload my Timmies card :D For you non-Canadians,  Tim Horton's (or Timmie's), is a major coffee chain.. a major AFFORDABLE coffee chain, unlike starbucks, etc. I usually get a gift certificate for them from someone over Christmas so last year I got smart and just kept reloading the one I got.. that way I don't have to sacrifice coffee because I don't have enough change on me. This is especially important during the colder months since some times the only incentive you have to bundle up under a few pounds of heavy clothing and wade into the snow and cold... is that steaming hot cup waiting for you along the way *L*

Well...I guess this has been a long enough chat for a test run on the new blog and to let you all know the miserable whine fest didn't last... although I still haven't done any holiday decorating or shopping. hopefully today if I get convince my butt to go out into the cold cold ;)

Let me know what you think of the new blog :)

btw, for those just finding me, you can check out my old/current blog at



  1. Is it bad to say I love snow? (Unless I have to drive in it, that is!)

  2. Personally I hate the snow. And I really hope that I am back to telecommuting before it hits this year.