Friday, May 4, 2012

Freebie Friday # 5

 Hello  :)

Happy Star Wars Day :)  you have no idea how much I was tempted to do a Star Wars giveaway of some kind, but alas... I couldn't bring myself to part with any of my treasures :)

Yes, here we are again... the first Friday of the month. Time for a new giveaway :)

I had thought to do some jewelry for this round... but I have several pieces already that need to be made.

Then, I thought about making some hook clasps, ear wires, and beaded chain... or maybe make some domino pendants or something....  but then I realized, I have too many things sitting here waiting for me to finish them... whether it's jewelry or bits of jewelry, I just don't have time right now to take on another project. >.<

I was going to pick out a pendant and some coordinating beads, then I hit upon an idea. I've been coming across so many posts and blogs lately where the person has mentioned that they've never used fibers in their work but would like to.

Now... my 'fiber' collection is nothing special, but I figured I'd help one of you start your own :)

A variety of satin rattail cording , and three  little bundles of faux suede. I couldn't find my  hemp cording or my ribbon in time for this photo, but I'll include some of those as well  and post a new photo of the full bundle up for grabs another day :)

Sorry for the short post. I've had a rather... interesting... week, the kind that never works out the way you planned. And now my plans for the weekend have shifted as well... instead of my mom coming up here for a girls weekend, I'm heading out there. I was told that my dad 'needs me to fish for him'... because I'm better at it ;) hehehe  so I'll sitting on the dock at their ponds, fishing  young Koi out so my dad can sell them ( catch and release, obviously ;) )

Plus, he wants me to do some computer stuff for him >.< lol Oh well, a weekend in the country, watching the dogs run circles around the pond chasing any frogs that might be there, while I fish and visit with my parents... sounds rather nice :) Just keep your fingers crossed the weather stays nice for me!

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May the Fourth  be with you! :D 


  1. Ohhh! I LOVE to hoard anything fiber! And am ever so reluctant to use it! I should get me some of that rattail though, I don't have that. I will share pics of my "fiber" stash one of these days.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. i appreciate your suggestion.