Monday, May 21, 2012

A touch of fandom...

Just a touch... a little bit... ;)

Back in my Messy Blog Hop post, some of my fandoms were mentioned... I decided it was time to share one a bit more in depth ;) 

Star Wars, anyone?

Yes, I love Star Wars.

How much?

To start with, a few of my favorite items in my collection...


The newest addition - My talking Boba Fett helmet :) He's still in his box...I'm so proud of myself for not taking him out yet lol ;

My brother gave me this, as well as the helmet above... and probably about 60% of all my favorite items in my collection :) My brother is awesome ;)

My favorite mugs and glasses. I have two other SW mugs that I love, but they're packed away.. somewhere...>.< lol

This is my R2-D2. He's about two feet tall and is voice activated. He 'sings', dances, plays games, and follows directions.

He is awesome :)

My ex brought him home, but I got custody :D

This is my lightsaber. I built it myself after a trip to Home Depot. There is a purple crystal insert in the top that you can pull out and attach the blade to ; the blade is a length of dowel painted fluorescent purple ( my blade color), and used for photos to make Photoshopping easier.

Photoshopping what photos, you ask?

Why... these photos :) 

StarWars fan photoshopped lightsaber space station
Jedi Skye
Yes, that's me in my Jedi robe that my ex bought me on Ebay that was made for someone about two feet taller than me lol  I'm actually standing in my living room, and that glowing lightsaber blade is really a wooden dowel ;)

I believe he 'shopped me onto Cloud City... lol

Star Wars Jedi Knights costumes lightsaber
A couple o' Knights

Me and the ex ...I 'shopped a sticker over his head ;) you can't see my little home made blaster because it's blending into my pants ( I'm not a traditional Jedi :p)... you can see what a horrible job that leather thing was lol  My ex cut and sewed the vinyl over tunics. I can't sew worth a crap ;)


... Neither could he, actually... lol
He could work photoshop however... we posed separately and he put us in the same shot.

So there you have it... a tiny glimpse :) Back when these photos were taken ( about ten or eleven years ago, at least... maybe a bit longer )  I was a member of a forum known as 'The Jedi Academy'.. headed by Bail Legato ( when I first joined, anyhow) Some of the 'jedi' who there at the same time , Sa'har Suntoucher, Deean Kett & Hellflower to name a VERY few, I am still friends with :) I only name these ones, because if any of you stumbled upon those forums back then, those are the names you're most likely to remember.

Oh, and for the record, I'm Skye Doomstar ;) Formerly Skye Sands, and towards the end, Skye McGrif... although I ditched that persona long before I kicked the ex out and went back to Doomstar ;) One other name that might ring a bell would be Vox Doomstar...  a young dark jedi that I adopted while I was there. I miss that kid. He's the only one out of all the ones I've lost contact with over the years that I still think about and hope he's doing alright. I've tried to track him down a few times, but seem to have crappy timing...I keep finding pages right after he's abandoned them >.< lol

...*clears throat*  Oh.. and if any of you remember a SW FanFiction website called StarWarsChicks... and happened to visit their 'adult' sister site SithChicks ...I'm also SanLyn Fen  ;)

Well I hope you've enjoyed my little jaunt here. Figured it was time for something a bit different ;)


  1. That is really cool. I bow to your superior Star Wars geekiness :-) I am very much jealous of all your stuff.

  2. Oh, Sandra, can I send my son to you for a week or so? He's a huge Star Wars fan and I... well, let's say I can't wait until he gets over Star Wars and into Star Trek (although friends advised me not to hold my breath :))

  3. Great pics! My hubby would be so envious.