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Okay, so those of you who frequent the FB groups, BSC ( Bead Soup Cafe), &  CBC ( Creative Bead Chat ) , may have seen my odd link to a facebook shop called 'Yours, Mine & Ours'.  It's a brick&mortar secondhand shop in Texas owned by an old internet friend of mine, Debbie. Last year she started up the facebook shop on her page to sell some of the smaller items. This year she made the decision to clear out her beading supplies.

Being busy with the store as well as dealing with health issues and the rest life tosses her way, she hasn't been able to post much in the online shop. She has to sort through the tubs of supplies, photograph everything, and then get them uploaded.... and then have fun dealing with facebook and it's 'issues' over getting descriptions and things to post with the photos. A very time consuming and frustrating process.

A few months ago when she first posted the first batch of beads, I sulked because the shop was set up for US shipping only. Being the sweetheart that she is, she pulled anything I wanted and did a paypal invoice for me with international shipping added in. 

After a month long absence due to health problems and hospital stays, Debbie finally started to deal with her store again, and I finally figured out how to link people to it :)

Kimberly still hasn't forgiven me for all the money I *made* her spend there ;)

My fellow beaders from these two groups, combined with a couple of Deb's own customers, cleared out three quarters of what she had listed.... and then I suggested if there was something specific Kimberly wanted, that she could message Debbie and ask about it. This works out better for Debbie, since she doens't have to deal with fighting with the fb shop to get it posted... she can just email the person a photo or the stuff and quote a price for them.

Apparently she cleared out Debbie's stash of crystals. Or if she didn't clear it out completely, she certainly made one hell of a dent in it ;)

I'm doing the same to Debbie's chip stone stash - I have a standing order for that, and she's already working on filling another box for me :D

This is a destash of massive proportions and I am extremely glad I knew her from our ghost hunting days... way back when I had a ghostcam hosted on her son's website so people could catch pictures of my resident ghosts.

 Yes, I'm serious. My ghosts have not been very active in a long while... I rather miss them. Every now and then they'll will make themselves known in some way... usually  either suddenly scaring the crap out of the youngest cat, or snitching an item only to replace it in a really bizarre place, or put it right back where it vanished from... weeks or even months after I've given up hope of ever finding it. At the moment, that trick won't work since I have no clue where anything is and wouldn't notice stuff vanishing or reappearing ;)

Anyhow, back to the BEADS.

Want to see the awesome box of loot I got from her shop?

Do you?

Because... it's really awesome.

Really really.

I mean... we'd thought she'd have to pack some of it into a separate box to mail later on, but her hubby helped and he managed to fit it all into the one box...the lid had a significant curve to it and it was HEAVY ...  Heavy as in 'I'm surprise my mailbox remained attached to my wall' kinda heavy ( I did a crappy job of attaching it ;) ).

You still want to see?

Okay :)

Yes it's a heap... It was the only way I could fit it into one shot lol

Some lovely strands of various blue gemstone beads, plus some strands of larger chipstone. And many many baggies of smaller chipstone is lots of different colors and types... 4mm glass rounds of various colors and designs, some 6 mm magnesite rounds and disks, some large puffy copper heart charms, a big bag of pewter wing charms, a TON of pewter spacers, some seaglass pendants,  some pewter connectors, and a lampwork frog pendant.

Yeah, I know... need more and better pictures. I had stuff to finish and couldn't let myself get too distracted by these goodies, so I quickly filled up one of my cabinets with them to keep them out of sight. 

Have SO MANY ideas and plans for this heap. Beaded chain... lots and lots of beaded chain, some of which will be offered up in giveaways and such... a bunch of which will be used by me :D I see earrings, bracelets, necklaces galore in that pile of baggies... I just need to get things cleaned up here to find the time to MAKE THEM :)

I'll be dipping into some of it tonight, I think. If this 'get stuff done' spree I'm on right now continues to hold out, at any rate.

Any how, if any of you would like to check out Debbie's shop and see what she has posted online... or maybe try and catch one of her amazing quick deals that she just tosses on her page for people to snap up... or send her a message about something you're trying to find... go check her out and let her know where you heard about her shop ;)

~ Skye

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