Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who wants free stuff?

Silly question, right?

Well, while I AM posting another little giveaway in here with some of those beads I mentioned in my last post, that's not what I am talking about.

It's IS free stuff, but... not the free stuff in question...

... if I'm not making sense, please keep in mind I'm sick, feverish and generally blah, so ... yeah... I'm weird enough on a normal level.. when I'm sick, I'm down right freakin' bizarre :D

 ... and I lost my train of thought.... >.< Oh Free Stuff, right! lol

Well this stuff isn't exactly 'free' ... since you have to reciprocate ..( oooh.. remembered the word I wanted AND spelled it right the first time...  you have no clue how amazing that is... )

 .. crap.. stop distracting me >.< 



Pips of Pips Jewelry  got me :)  I'd been seeing the various pay it forward posts and wanted to get involved, but just had too much on my table at the time. Once I cleared my list a bit, I decided the next blog I saw with it, I'd try to jump in... and wow was I lucky  it was Pips :) 

Anyhow, I wasn't one of the three... but then neither was she... she was an extra add in from the sweet person whose blog she commented on, so she did a couple extras on hers and I was one of them :)

So the rules of this are simple.

The first three people who leave a comment will receive a hand made gift from me some time in the next year ; the exact what and when will be a surprise. I'll note you about  your snail mail addie, and any favorite colors or allergies or stuff like that , then one day you'll open your mail box to find a surprise :)

IF you are one of the three chosen, than you have to do the same... post a blog and make three gifts. If that seems like too much for you, keep in mind, you have an entire year to make and mail off those gifts. Plus, the rules state 'handmade' ... not anything specific. Just because the majority of the blogs I've seen this on have been jewelry blogs, doesn't mean that handmade gift has to be jewelry.. or even jewelry related.

I do a bit of everything so you never know... you might get some jewelry from me... or maybe a little painting... or a little plushie... Heck, it'll totally depend on what your reply to my note will inspire me to do ;)

Hmm.. you know what...? I just realized that if I do the little giveaway in this post, the first three comments might end up being people who aren't interested in paying it forward...

So... how about this.

If you're commenting about the the pay it forward,  have 'PIF' in your comment, along with your 'entry' to the giveaway :) That way you can enter both in one comment ;)

If your one of the first three comments but don't have PIF in it, I'll know you're not interested in taking part and will move to the next one.You'll still be entered in the giveaway .... assuming you followed the rules ;)

So... giveaway :)

sorry for the slight blur...I didn't have the energy to get the tripod and set it up.  So here's a selection of glass beads, some a soft minty green, some orange and some flowers in greens and browns. The flowers are about 10mm wide, and the largest of the rounds is about an 8mm.

The last giveaway , which is still open, asked for jokes to cheer me up. This one.. hmm... send me a link to your favorite internet funny; whether it be a video, comic, or blog :)  One link per comment, please :).. but you can comment more than once ;)  

So leave a link to enter the giveaway, and 'PIF' to enter the pay it forward :)

I'm gonna go curl back up on the couch now and burrow back under my heaps of blankets >.<


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  2. I already have bunches of pay it forwards going -- in fact I need 4 more people to "pay it forward to" but I figured I could also do random acts of kindness paying it forward. that will work too :)

    I'm sick too. Hope you feel better soon. My spouse loves "" for funny and fun videos. I found a cute one there -- not funny, but cute: "Beagle barks for the first time :)

    Feel better,

    1. he is just so cute! funny how people fun it so cute to get puppies to start barking... and then can't stop wishing they'd shut up after that lol ;) Especially beagles.

  3. What a great idea! Pay it forward is something that I would enjoy participating and the enjoyment of knowing that someone is wearing my jewelry!
    Get better soon!

  4. would love to win. this link made me laugh and cry until I almost couldn't breath! will make you feel better.

    1. OMG! I read three quarters of that through blurred vision I was laughing so freaking hard! I Had to share it on my fb lol THANK YOU!! I'm willing to bet that my mother will pee herself laughing over that and give me hell about it tomorrow.. and that'll just make me laugh more... lol Email me your addie, because even if you don't win these beads, you totally get something for giving me such a good laugh :D

  5. PIF

    Looks like you don't have three Pay It Forward responses so would like to paticipate in that along with an entry for the bead giveaway. Have seen the Pay It Forward blogs also and haven't have a chance to get in on the ground floor.

    Not one for having a list of jokes or websites to visit but hope you are feeling better.


    1. Looks like I didn't read the post closely enough. No link to an internet funny, but would like the PIF spot if still available.