Monday, September 17, 2012

Slogging through...

Yeah... I have no clue if it's a real word, but it fits how I feel at the moment so... deal with it.

With the 'In The Pink' out in the open and just a few  late additions to do with that on occasion now, My 'to-do' list has been knocked all the way down to a few over due projects and the blogs to accompany them

- Need to finish my fiberwire piece that I started AGES ago, then ended up getting waylaid by a certain project ;) Sorry, Marla - I DID make something with some of it, and I WILL finish it shortly and share! 

- Need to do a blog piece on some fabulous lampwork beads and their creator... I keep putting it off because I wanted to use a couple of them first ... but things kept getting in the way >.< 

- Need to finish reorganizing my workspace... again. I'm getting there, though... slowly but surely! It's giving me time to discover what isn't working before I get it all in place... the little baggies in the drawer that I thought would be perfect, keep getting caught when I open the drawers... need to figure a way around that...

- Need to design, make, photograph and mail  my earrings for my partner in the 'Mismatched ArtBead Earring Swap' hosted by Diana of Suburban Girl Studio . This is actually now first on my list, since the mailing deadline is September 29th. I have a definite idea for my design, but don't seem to be able to find the bead I want in my stash... If I can't find it in the next day or so, I'll have to alter my design idea :(

... and I need to find the little note book I wrote my full 'to-do' list in... I seemed to have misplaced it while clearing my desk off on Friday... >.< I have my little design/project/password note book here... and the new little notebook that I just found the other day that has my 'to mail' list -all the goodies from this month's giveaways so far. The items themselves are in little baggies in a special drawer with the addresses taped to them, and the list is to remind me I haven't mailed them yet. I decided to hold them in case any of the winners won more than once ;)

Oh, and THAT brings me to the reason I decided to write this lol

Giveaways :)

For the record, I DID draw winners for the button earrings and the pendant. I did them the same way I did the sock draw... I assigned each name a number, wrote them out on paper, folded them and shook them up... then tossed them and the one the cat went for first, won :)

But no, I'm not going to tell you who won either of them :) You see, I don't NEED to contact them for the addresses ... both winners had won things from me previously, so I already HAVE their address.... it just took me forever of digging through emails to find them.. but I HAVE them :D So I decided I'll just keep my mouth shut and let that little packet suddenly appearing in your mailboxes be notice enough ;)

Of course, that means I need to toss up a new giveaway. I just lucked out and found a great deal on some beads.. so of course I'm going to share some of them...  But I'm not in the mood to play with my camera right now. I'm sick, my throat feels like I swallowed sandpaper, and my nose has become a very leaky faucet - I'm on the verge of wedging tissue into it just so I can finish a paragraph without needing to stop to blow and sanitize >.<

.. where was I ..? Oh right... but don't worry, I'll toss those beads up next time. In the mean time, I'll toss up one that I already have a picture for :)

Three bundles of faux suede cording :) And heck, I'll even toss in a little surprise to go along with them... maybe a little mini bead bundle, or some clasps or findings... or maybe a pendant...

So... to enter.. hmm...

I know.. I feel like crap .. cheer me up :) Post a joke or funny story for me. I'll do a random draw for the cord, but if one of your posts REALLY cracks me up, I'll send that person a special something too :)



  1. What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt.
    OK, a kiddie joke but that's all I have now.
    To really laugh Google cats playing patty cake. That will really crack you up!

  2. I am glad you are sloggin through it is so much better than not. Since I would have no clue as to what to do with the cording I am just stoppin by to send you hugs!

  3. Why did the astronaut hate the new restaurant on the moon? No atmosphere! Hope you feel better soon. :-)

  4. Why did the astronaut hate the new restaurant on the moon? No atmosphere! Hope you feel better soon. :-)

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  6. My grandfather had a good one he'd say to folks whenever it rained....

    He would be walking by someone who was complaining how they could not stand the downpours/rain. He would then turn to them and say:
    "Gee, I hope it keeps up!"

    When they gave him a crazy (or other kind) look or statement. He would just say:
    "Well, if it keeps up then it won't come down!"

    SMILE :D

  7. This might amuse you as you are another cat lover.

    One of our polydactls is an inside outside cat. We quickly taught her that if she brought us a mouse rather then eating it, we would trade her for an extra special cat treat. That has worked well and she might bring us one a week. Well now it is the time of the year for grasshoppers and she is bringing us 10-20 a day for that special treat. If we try to give her a regular cookie then she gets really pissy. I have never had a cat that is so food driven.

  8. I don't have jokes - just Andi-isms(cute things our grandaughter says)keep in mind she just turned four.

    1. We were driving and she says, "Papa - could you slow down?" he told her he was driving the speed limit... ready... she said, "Well, Pop, could you try the SLOW limit?"

    2. She has been sick with the crud and I made her a cup of warm tea... she popped off with "Nana, my cup feels a little warm... think it has a fever too?"

    Hope it helps cheer you - rest and feel better soon :)

  9. Hope you feel better fast. This joke deals with "lacing" so even though it may offend some of you, I thought it was appropriate. And I'm a sorta kinda blonde so it's ok.

    Why did the blonde only tie one of her shoelaces?

    Because the tag on her shoe read: Taiwan.

    Eh? Eh? A smile? A smidge of a smile?