Friday, September 7, 2012

'sockapalooza' Results & F.F. #9!

Okay so...I'm gonna have to redo this a few times to nab all the spelling crap... my arms feel like rubber and my brain is mush ... and my title just contained the word 'resluts' until I noticed and fixed it >.<

Plus the sockapalooze results were supposed to be up last night but because of the way I felt, I crashed majorly early. and gee.. guess what? tomorrow's the reveal for the 2nd C.C.D.C. ... which means everything has to be finished, photographed and blogged about tonight... >.< Yup... gotta find the energy somewhere to do scramble-design...I have two pieces partially done and that's it... and I'm not sure you can even really call the one 'partially' yet... *sigh*

So here are all the socks that were entered :)  I took them out of order and slapped numbers on them at random.

Anyhow, for those who entered, the winner of the sockapalooza beads

  is feet #2 ; Beti Horvath :) .

And the winner of the socks ....

 is #6 ; Renetha :)

It was a toughy... I was going to choose Beti's 'sox' as my faves, but since she won the beads, I was then torn between the peace feet and the odds .. and well.. odds won ;).

So Beti & Renetha, send me your snail mail addies  please :)

Oh.. and if you're wondering how the winner of the beads was chosen... I cut up slips of paper, wrote the numbers on them, folded them in half... gave them a shake then threw them into the air... the paper that landed closest to the pair of socks laying on my floor, won ;) lol

And all of you who don't have any socks... SOOO tempting to buy you all a pair, just because I find that sad.. lol >.<

So... off to the object of September's Freebie Friday drooling ...

I WAS going to do progressive, but decided since I'll most likely be doing a big bundle next month too, not to bother.

September Soup

So, on the top we have 3 packets of chipstone - aquamarine, rose quartz, and I believe some dyed howlite. Beneath that we have 3 packets of some of my custom seedbead mixes, then we have two sea glass pendants, a couple shell slices ( whose name I can't remember), some Sesame Jasper, some turquoise nuggets in green, orange, red, yellow and brown, some bead caps, and a foil-lined glass bead.

So, yummy enough? Remember to enter for each of the spots you're eligible for in Rafflecopter, and PLEASE make sure you're blogger account ( or whatever account you post comments under ) has an email or a blog attached to it. I do occasionally break my own rules about contacting winners, or just like to follow links and visit the pages & blogs of people who visit me :)

 Check back tomorrow for my reveal of the 2nd Creative Chaos Design Challenge ( the one I never did get around to posting a 'see what I have to work with' blog post about >.< lol )  Plus I'll be sticking up another little giveaway any time I feel like it... just gotta think of what to make you guys do this time ;)

~ Skye


  1. You are too funny. It was too hot for me to put on my toe sox but will send you a pic when I do. I wear flip flops.almost yr round. Good luck w ur reveal

  2. Love the sock contest! I have a huge collection of fun, interesting socks, too. Neat idea!

  3. The sock contest was funny!! I tried to enter but missed it :) but I had my socks and camera ready -- it was silly good fun! lol... you make me laugh