Monday, July 16, 2012

Beads For Bloggers

Last month I was lucky enough to be one of ( I believe ) the first five people chosen by FusionMuse to receive a little bead bundle to play with. I'm not sure on the 'how often', but I 'think' every month they chose five people from those who've signed up.

In exchange for a free bundle of beady goodness, you -

1) share the button on your blog ( mine's right over there in my side bar, see? -> )

2) share a photo and link to their site when you receive the beads. ( doing now :D )

3) share an 'in progress' picture of a project you use the beads in

4) Share a photo of the finished project!

So basically, you get little bundle of 'surprise' beads in your mail box, then have to take pictures and play with them, then take more pictures AS you play with them, then take a picture of what you made as you played with them...

... and how is that different from what we normally do with all out beady treasures? lol

Aside from the fact that they're free :D And the choice of what you get is NOT up to you... so it's a little push to maybe work with something you haven't before!

So here's what I get to play with :)

I asked Tanya ( aka FusionMuse ) what they all were so I could share the info ( plus if I really loved playing with anything in particular I could order more ;) lol ) and here's her reply.

 " The focal is a Botswana Agate, the pink coins are dyed coral, the bright coloured ones are dyed Mother of Pearl, the amber looking things are resin man made amber, and the Turquoise colour are Magnesite but many call them Turquoise these days."

I never would've thought the pink coins were coral! Most coral beads I've seen are more opaque, and usually the red color.  I do love the resin 'amber' beads... but I think the magnesite are calling me first...  we'll have to see. I have a couple gifts I need to finish up before I get to play with these ... unless the muse demands my attention be turned to them earlier ;)

If you want to see about getting some free beads to play with too, go check them out and become one of their blog buddies :)

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~ Skye


  1. How fun! I won some beads as well! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Cool beans.....eeeerrrr....beads!!! I would not have figured coral either. Learn something new everyday!!

  3. Thanks love.BEAUTIFUL pics.Amazing colours. Coral is usually red or black so this was a LOT different. I choose 5 every week so come and play people and all the beads can be bought in my store unless sold out.Each week the parcel is a different mix and is Pot Luck LOL Love and hugs to all Tanya