Sunday, July 1, 2012

BSBP#6 - Introduction & Teaser

Hello again :)

Well the mad crush of stuff due at the end of June has passed by and I some how not only survived, but somehow manged to come out near the top. So I decided it was time to catch up on some blogging that I've been letting pile up. 

tsk tsk tsk

I mean, it's not as if you people don't know by now that I'm a procrastinator in the advanced class here... ;) lol

At any rate, THIS blog post, is my long over due introduction to my BSBP partner, Mária Horváth of horimarikabeads

I snitched this  photo of her from her Blogger profile :) She's in Hungary so I get to send goodies across the pond for this BeadSoup swap. 

I had a few partial potential soups started months ago, so that when I was partnered up, all I'd have to do would be to chose which soup base was best for them, then season it up to perfection :)  My first instinct is to give things that they will love and have no trouble using. That however, is kind of counter productive to the whole point behind the BSBP, which is to create a soup that will challenge your partner to step out of their comfort zone. I think I've managed to do both, however :) at least I hope I have ;)

So what is Mária's comfort zone?

Seedbeads... check out some of her work... 


All the photo's above were snitched from her blog :) My absolute fave is the seahorse, but I rather like the eye of Horus too :)  She has tons more, this is just a sampling :)

But she does play with other things... as long as when she's finished, she can use her seed beads with them ;)
Here are some cabs that she made along with a group of friends. Aren't they all lovely?

So, after checking out her gallery on Facebook, as well as looking through her blog... and having fun trying to make sense of some of Google's translations  >.<  I discovered that... she's apparently addicted to teeny tiny beads that she can sew into amazing shapes and patterns ;) She also  has a lot of bright colors in her work.

So what kind of Soup did I make for her? Want to take a peek inside the pot ?

BSBP#4's teaser pic was a swirl of color that looked gorgeous.. but looked nothing like beads lol  This time I decided to play with a mosaic.. still barely hints at it, but it makes  it seem like it's showing more than it really is ... ;) hehehehe

I hope she enjoys all of it :) I've been hoarding the focal and clasp for... well... since shortly after the 4th BSBP, and every now and then I'd end up getting some beads that just went PERFECTLY with them... and thus they became the main ingredients in some Bead Soup :)

I can't wait for her to receive them :) So excited :D I love BSBP time!

Make sure to visit Mária's blog, horimarikabeads and play with Google Translate :)

~ Skye


  1. I'm excited to see what you both make!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Loved all the pics and info on your partner...Really nice! Can't wait to see everyones soups!

  3. Hmmmm...give beads that "to give things that they will love and have no trouble using". You are the most challenging partner that I have had and you are still challenging me. Thank you.