Wednesday, July 11, 2012

" Insert Title Here"

Sorry.. titles failed me today lol

as has my camera >.< stupid thing.. went to take a picture of my mailbox and it refuses to boot up fully.. the on light comes on.. the screen stays black, then the light goes out. New batteries too >.< Time to haul out the reserve camera and start looking a new ones again.

Why was I trying to take a photo of my mailbox?

Oh, well.. because it's new... and I snazzed it up :) You see, the mailbox I've had since I moved in is just a little itty bitty ugly thing with my name and apartment number written in black marker on masking tape. After putting up with a mailman who has no concept of size, or the terms ' do not bend' or 'fragile' .. and after leaving multiple complaints against him over damaged or 'abandoned' mail left sitting on the porch railing on in front of my door ( which isn't a private entrance)... I went and bought myself a bigger mailbox. It's three times the size of the old one, shiny black with a top flip lid.... And since I didn't feel like screwing around with paint and stencils, and those block sticky letters are so boring, I picked up some scrapbooking stickers :) Maroon velvet letters with silver accents and the odd little crystal stuck to them lol  I offset my name to leave room for a gorgeous skull sticker I had... then discovered the sticker was a no go >.< Gotta find a replacement.  I didn't have any numbers, so I dug out some little purple half 'pearls' and glued them on to form the number '3'. :D

So now I have a mail box big enough to fit all of my beady-goodness-filled bubble envelopes, and even a small flat rate box....

And of course, I come home today to find a little itty bitty slip of paper in it, informing me of a missed delivery that I can pick up tomorrow >.< He hasn't left one of those in YEARS. Guess that last complaint about abandoning my parcels in public access areas, and not getting the signatures for parcels that say right on them, 'signature required'... finally hit him hard enough to stick.  I do know one thing...If I pick up that parcel tomorrow and find that it fits inside my mail box easily and he just did it to be an ass about my complaining... I'm filing another complaint :D  I know now not to waste my time with complaints about damages and shit at the local office... call straight to the head office.

*deep breath *  * smiles* Okay... better now :) Plus the fact that I'm pretty sure that's my Bead Soup waiting for me makes it hard to stay irritated at the asshat... even if it's because of the asshat that I don't have it right NOW. Still... I get to open a surprise box of goodies tomorrow after work :D

And really... I have other things to get done today. That package would only have distracted me.


Oh...I'm ripping apart a couch.

No, seriously... I have this small sofa that my one cat ( Xander, the evil little bastard) has clawed to crap. It never had back cushions to begin with.. the cushions I was given with it fit the bottom.. so I have four bottom cushions for a two cushion couch ... and no back or arm cushions. I'd always meant to cut up two of them to make the other needed cushions, but I'm lazy. Instead I just tossed a shit-heap of pillows on it :)  and now... now I've had enough. I've decided that it's gotta go. I have a large over stuffed , comfy chair in my bedroom that's just taking up space... and that Xander has only clawed a little bit that can take the place of this disaster.

My dad's coming up tomorrow afternoon / evening to pick me up for a couple days in the country. We COULD just haul this thing down whole since it is small and fairly light... and we didn't have any trouble getting it up here ( unlike my other couch which required three people all cursing at varying levels, and several attempts) I decided, however, that I'm going to murder the ugly bugger ( the sofa... not my dad.... or the cat ). I'm going to rip off all the upholstery that's still intact... then take hammer and feet to the frame work. Even if I can't get it apart, I figure it'll be a good little work out and stress reliever :)

OR.... I might decide to leave it whole then have a bonfire down by the ponds and watch the ugly thing go up in flames... that's a really tempting image.. and while my dad will say 'no, you don't want to do that'... yeah, I kinda DO want to do that lol And I know my mom would be right down there with me, with a big stick poking at it while it burns. 

Once it's reduced to coals, she'd get out the weenies and marshmallows ;) lol

 See.. now with an option like that .... I guess I really haven't decided yet lol ;)

I will be be packing up my bag of beads/tools to take with me this time. And my package too :)  
 I can sit down by the ponds and work on jewelry while the dogs run in circles chasing frogs out into deeper water.

... and sofa-bonfire or not, I plan on having at least one night of sitting by the fire making spider-weenies and toasting marshmallows :)

With any luck, I'll have photos of Soups to share with you in my next post ;)

I COULD share the pic of what I sent my partner, since she received it yesterday, but I think I'll make you wait ;)

Plus, I've heard from three of this rounds CCDC participants and so far the votes are all for the kits being a surprise and no photos being shared until after they've all been received. Kashmira may not survive that long a wait... I may end up having to email her a sneak peek ;)

Susan G. , you've got just one more day to contact me about your prize, and then that's it. I'll be drawing a new winner on Friday if I haven't heard from you !

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends! Get out and enjoy any nice weather in your area... or go find something indoor to enjoy if the weather's crap ;)

~ Skye


  1. Well I know how you feel about ugly couches!!! It was a pretty couch when I first got and it was my first new couch that my mom bought for me but over the years of kids and cats and well it was also cream colored (what was I thinking) it totally had to go. But I couldn't let anyone else have it so we took hammers and scissors to it! A good ending for a ugly couch!

    1. This is cream colored as well.. in a house with two black cats >.< Despite the fact that I always had it covered, the 'kitten' would get under neath and claw the crap out of it. And then he just started clawing it THROUGH the covers... If I had my new camera figured out, I'd take a pic and show you. It's still in one piece... I got lazy and traded in my 'stress reliving hammer session' for a glass of wine lol

      This ugly little thing was given to me by a friend of my moms... it had been in her little cabin.. so it was old and ugly then too lol I REALLY don;t need two couches... it's makes the room look boxed in and small, and there is just me. I'll just have to lounge in the chair and let my mom stretch out on the other couch when she visits ;) lol

  2. Now to just get rid of the bed so that you have more room for your beads. And I want to see a picture of your mailbox.