Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm bored.

I have a shit-ton of things to do, finish.. START ... and yet it's humid and hot and blah... and I'm bored >.<

I have trays of beads and half finished projects scattered every where... including right in front of me where I keep bumping it when I move  my mouse >.< That one I WANT to finish.. like RIGHT NOW...... except I changed my mind on the wire color and the store I saw the stuff I want to use, was closed today due to a power outage...>.< A power outage that was supposed to be last weekend when I was busy at work and wouldn't have been caught in it... but was instead today... when I was home >.<

*sigh* So...I guess you noticed I'm sort of in the rambling and whiny kinda mood, huh?

Yeah.. how about I show some more pics I took with my new camera last weekend?

Mom  wanted to try it out... so she took a pic of me. That's her dog Angel sitting on me... not overly thrilled about the camera, although she DID smile for the pic lol

HaHA! I caught a bee in one of my flower pics :) So proud of that...I've always loved other peoples close ups of plants that have the insects as if they were posing... my old camera refused to do that without scaring the bugs away :)  so even though he's half hiding behind that blossom .. he's THERE.. so..I'm happy :)

I can't get over how CLEAR and crisp they all are :) I was a fair distance away from this guy, but it looks as if I was taking the picture from right down there in front of him.

 Want to know how much fun I had playing with the macro and zoom? See this guy? This cute little sand toad?

THIS is how tiny he was...

hehehe.... that just makes me giggle.. I can't get over the difference. I LOVE playing with my new camera :)

Oh, and it's not just the macro setting.. no... I love the 'infinity' zoom, too!

From where I was standing, Snickers the filly who is seen having a nap in the sun here, was nothing more than a bump that I thought might be her... Regular zoom let me see that it was her lying there, but infinity gave me the shot that looks like I was right there in the feild with her :) ( btw, I posted this in my deviant art gallery as well :)

 So when I was tired of being out in the sun, walking around and hunting out bugs and flowers and interesting subjects, I settled down in the shade... but  couldn't resist sharing the view when I looked up :)

... or to my left... (yes that Angel again.. aka 'Frog Dog' taking a break from chasing frogs and swimming)...

 and in a fit of boredom and silliness... straight ahead...

... chipped toe polish and all lol.

Okay.. so I should leave you with something other than the sight of my toes .. lol

 How about one of my mom's lilies ...


 So all of the photos shown here were taken by ME at my parents place. 

I'm still bored, but now it's getting late and I should go find something for supper before it's too late to eat .. >.<



  1. you've got me laughing out loud. thanks for taking us on this adventure with you. LOVE the sand frog!

  2. I love your new camera too! All those awesome pictures!

  3. This post reminds me that I need to pull some pix off of my camera. When we had our outdoor ritual last sunday, a doe visited us and stuck around for quite a while.