Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soup's On!

Wheew... was starting to wonder there;) lol  My partner got hers last week and we mailed them on the same day!

So, we both have our goodies now, so I can share pics! yay!

first off, here's what I sent her - (  window light with old camera >.< I And yes, that's my little ceramic floor tile I got at the thrift shop that I use as a backdrop for some pics...I have two, one cream/brown marble-esque, and this one which is more greys with just a touch of brown))

The full soup - pearls from Magpie Gems,  Crystal and goldstone from LimaBeads, Czech glass... from an etsy shop whose owner was raising money to bring her son home... and whose name escapes me at the moment. I have it written here somewhere... lol >.<

The copper and black glass chain I made, & the rose focal and the heart clasp are both by BeeTree by M.E. 

And now what Maria put together for me to work with :)

Isn't that a great soup?  The crocheted flowers are from her mother in law, and Maria made the cab and beaded it into a focal for me :)
 The fibers are inspiring far too many ideas >.< lol  I LOVE that dragonfly clasp and the rest of the metal is being just as pushy about ideas as the fiber ;)

And the bright orange and yellow MOP beads have spoken already... they're taking over a previous project ;) lol

The Czech glass and magnesite skulls are content to take a back seat for a moment because they KNOW they'll get used up ;)

BTW, I'm sorry about the black shiny bowl in the first picture... I was on my fire escape and didn't want to risk them all rolling away on me >.< It was enough fun to block the wind from taking my flowers and fiber! lol

 And hmm... my date's off on my camera... need to reset that...>.< lol

Sorry, Shaiha... I know I told you I'd take a picture of my mailbox when I retrieved my beadsoup... but I didn't get it from the mail box... the mail man rang the doorbell and met me half way down the stairs. ( I think he's sucking up after that last complaint I filed against him ;) This is the second registered piece he climbed stairs to get signed instead of waiting on the porch lol )

Alright... off to get some more housework accomplished and a painting/gift finished so I can let myself play with my soup without feeling guilty :)



  1. Hehe cool! You'll have to show us what you make!


  2. I thought that it was supposed to be a challenge and don't I see skulls in there..

  3. What an awesome soup you both received!!! I can not wait to see what you do with it all~!