Friday, October 5, 2012

Freebie Friday #10

So... did any of you REALLY expect me to get this posted earlier than this? And are any of you REALLY surprised that I haven't shared those photos yet, or that pretty package tutorial, or those blog posts I mentioned ...?

Didn't think so. by now most of you know I'm easily laziness. ;)

And naps... naps are good. I have a very comfy couch that inspires sit on it, snuggle up intending to read or watch a movie or work on some beading... and then you just feel so comfy that you just have to close your eyes for a few minutes...

... then three or four hours later you open them again and wonder what the hell happened ;) lol

And rainy or dreary weather doesn't help avoid that 'need a nap' feeling.

Anyhow, all plans aside, I WILL do those things... just not today. Today I have winners to announce and goodies to show :)

First off, the third 'Pay It Forward' spot goes to Micheladas. :) I'll be sending you a note off soon to find out a few things and get your address from you.  Carolyn , I sent you a note about a week ago and haven't heard back from you. Please check your email and if you don't have anything from me, email me at so I'll have your email :)

Next, the earring giveaway.

First off, thanks to everyone for taking part :) I loved reading your favorite Autumn things :)  I love the leaves.... the way they change colours, the smell of them, the crunch of them under your feet as you walk... everything. Autumn leaves are the best :D  I also love designing and carving my jack-o' lantern, and getting all slimey when scooping out my pumpkin seeds to roast them :) It's gross, but so much fun! I'm not fond of the smell of my hands after scooping out pumpkin guts though >.< lol

So, do you want to know how I chose the winners this time? lol  No  I didn't let my cat choose this time ;) I let the beads choose !

I had fifteen people leave entries... so I assigned each name a number, and then took fifteen brown glass star beads ( because that was the closest container lol ) , sat my roll of packing tape on the floor a foot or so away, then tossed the beads towards the roll. The number of beads that landed inside the roll was the winner. I did this twice for the first place ( 7 stars!), then the second place ( 2 stars >.< lol.).. put the beads away.... then got them back out and tossed them again for an extra winner ( 11 stars! whohoo!).

Kimberly gets first choice of which pair she wants.

Originally, the other pair was to go to Jami... however, if she likes the same one Kimberly chooses, I'll make her a similar pair, and Gina will get the left over. Other wise, I'll just surprise Gina with a pair ;)

Are you drumming your fingers in anticipation of what's in the pot for this months FF?

I could make you wait longer, you know ;)

I had thought to make a set of Halloween themed jewelry for the giveaway... but I got hit by the blahs and didn't get them beyond the design and prep stages. And then I turned around and knocked over a stack of bead packages and realized... I should share. If I shared some of these, then I wouldn't have to put them away ;)

So another bead bundle it is :)

beads copper wings hearts flowers
October Goodies

I decided to share some of the goodies Lori Anderson sent me from our beadswap way back when - I think those are shell beads, and two charms - one plain white, and the other pink that says 'hope'.

There's some of the lovely lucite flowers I just received from PineRidge Treasures :)  A couple of the magnasite beads I got from the CBC Destash Day event; Four glass amber coloured tear drop beads, and a selection of wings, connectors and two large copper hearts, all from Yours, Mine & Ours.

PLUS, in addition to what's in the photo, there'll be a bundle of faux suede cording and a baggie or two of seed beads mixes, and I think maybe some other fibers to play with. I may decide to add a picture of that stuff... or I might not  ;)

I'd debated on doing a color coordinated bundle but... nah. Maybe next time ;) When I start putting different coloured beads together ...I get the urge to play with them.. and then get distracted >.< lol

and I think I'll leave you with one of my pictures from PumpkinFest...

 ... of what else? A pumpkin :D

carved pumpkin eagle Pumpkinfest

carving frog pumpkin pumpkinfest

Isn't that an amazing carving job? These two guys carve two huge pumpkins every year... They'd just started on the second one when I took this picture, so I didn't get to find out what it was... until the other day at work. It was a frog... and I NEED to get my coworker to send me a photo of it for my mom! she LOVES frogs :D  For those curious,The eagle pumpkin most likely weighed around the two to three hundred pound mark! A little kid could climb inside there! the 'soon-to-be-frog pumpkin was a bit smaller.. well... flatter.. lol

 ~ Skye


  1. What great goodies you put together and what a great pumpkin!
    I cross my finger and hope to be the lucky one!


    1. Ambra, I don't see any entries in there from you ! Make sure your entry is counted! when you look at the raffle copter after you sign in, look at the green spot in the corner where it says 0/7 ... the 0 is where the number of times you've entered is listed and the 7 is how many entries you can earn!

  2. What an awesome carved pumpkin! Thank you for the giveaway, can't wait to see what arrives in the mail. Have an awesome day! Gina

    1. tsk tsk tsk ..I totally forgot I had your address until I went digging...I could've done a total surprise for you and not said a word ;) lol Maybe next time. I've gathered all the addresses of previous winners I've found into one little book so I can find them easier . At least until I lose the book ;)

  3. I love your blog and sense of humor. My best friend loves frogs so I am always on the lookout for unusual ones. Would love to see how the pumpkin turned out. Also love the choice of beadie goodies...

    1. I gave my coworker my mom's email addie so she could send her the photo, so as soon as I nab a copy, I'll share it :)

  4. Woohoo! That pumpkin RAWKS! Your giveaway is gorgeous! I love those colors together! I love the "couch". Yours sounds super comfy! Nothing better than a really good couch nap!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I enjoy every blog entry from you! You have a great sense of humor and it really appeals to me. Nap? Wish I could sleep in the daytime. I am so envious.
    Thank you for another super giveaway offer! I love some caramel corn (even if my teeth don't agree). (still no facebook page or blog. :0)

  6. Wonderful Beads and a wonderful post. Hard to believe it is fall but everywhere I go I see pumpkins so it must be so. :D I don't know pumpkin carvers to it, they create such intricate works of art that amazes me. I'm lucky to carve a jack-o-lantern that has triangle eyes, nose and slash of a mouth. lol

  7. What happened to my comment? Oh as I am writing this I think I forgot to comment after entering. hehe. I loved seeing that pumpkin. Every year I have a grand idea for a pumpkin but then as I attempt it, yeah it never really works. LOL

  8. Just ran across your blog, it is great and love the FF goodies. Maybe I'll be lucky. You sure have some pretties.


  9. That pumpkin is awesome! How long did it take them to do that?