Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MisMatched Swap & Hop

Hello :) 

Yeah I know... All those good intentions of blog posts to come and then ...Pfft... nada all week.

Oops :D

A while back Diana of SuburbanGirl Studios called a bunch of us together to do a ' Mismatched Artbead Earring swap.   Since I've been trying to push myself into actually USING some of my art beads, and my asymmetrical jewelry skills needed some work, I joined up :)

Those of you in BSC & CBC may have heard me bitching over a certain earring that was driving me insane... remember the one that the beads and jump rings kept leaping out of my fingers and I had to remake several times? lol  Yeah, that was one of the set I made for this :)

First off, the rules stated that we had to use at least one ArtBead ( according to the guidelines set by Art Bead Scene  )

After an exchange of notes with my partner, Dawn of TurtleMoon Designs,  we discovered that neither of us had any metal allergies, and we were both in the mood to give our partners very little 'help' in figuring out what to make us :D hehe  The end results were completely different and yet we both love what the other made us, and we both made an extra pair of earrings to go along with the required one :)

Here's what she made me ;

This is her 'artbead ' pair, which contains some hand etched connectors she made :)
These are along the lines of what I usually wear so I assumed these would be the pair I wore the most... lol

And these were the extras she sent... upon first look, lovely but too 'girly'.
Wrong...I wore them once and fell in love with them lol  Maybe I'm veering back towards my girly phase? lol

This was a fun little swap & hop :) I enjoyed the challenge of using beads I instinctively hoard despite all the ideas I keep coming up with for them ;)  Plus I love making something for someone and receiving a little handmade treasure in return :)

Want to see the earring that gave me such problems? lol  I should just send you over to Dawn's blog to see it, but you'll end up there sooner or later anyhow ;)

That adorable little owl is from Tree Wings Studio  :)  I added a greyish bezel nut bead to the other side to give a bit of color balance... lol

So there.. now go check out all of the other creations and exchanges, and see if Dawn took a picture of these ones hanging ;)

HOSTESS -Diana Ptaszynski  http://www.suburbangirlstudio.com



  1. I do like both of those earring pairs, and I can see how wearable they'd both be!

  2. So happy you like both pairs that I made, I didn't step too far out of the box, maybe next time. I just love what you sent me too!! Great swap!

  3. So funny, I was thinking the same as you. They are both beautiful!

  4. You got some gorgeous earrings there! And I LOVE the ones you sent!

  5. The colors in that second pair are so gently beautiful. Likelike. And the metal in the first pair... NOMS! The owl is too cute. Must head over there to see her wares.

  6. I really don't know which pair I love the most and I am so not a pink person either. Just love the metal work on the first pair though.

  7. Love how both pairs are very wearable and would go with a lot of different outfits. Thank you for participating!

  8. I realllllllly like the one with the connectors!

  9. Came back to say I loved both the pairs you sent. Not an owl lover, but i like this one :)