Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Newest winners!

Alrighty...  busy procrastinating today, so a quick update to call out the winners, then back to it ;)

Remember this ?

This will be making its appearance in  Tiffany Smith's mailbox... as soon as she emails me her address ;)

And the bracelet?

 That will be soon be seen on Jen Ren's wrist ... as soon as she sends me her address...

And the surprise prize?   Kristen will be watching out for THAT particular butterfly-bedecked envelope... as soon as she sends me her address.

So hurry up and email me your addresses, ladies!

The rest of you have one more week to get your entries in for the big October giveaway!

Want another chance to win one of those 'fiber' bundles that Tiffany won?
Share a link to a picture of your favorite Halloween project - must be something YOU made, whether it be jewelry, clothing, costumes, or even a Halloween decoration! I'll pick a winner on Friday and have it posted by Saturday ;)

Okay ... now I'm going back to procrastinating. Catch ya'll later :D


  1. Congrats to the winners, now I've got to get back to beading for several deadlines. No procrastinating here.....:)

  2. Congrats Tiffany and Kristen! I hope you post pictures of what you make with your goodies. :)

  3. I won I won!!!!! I have never won anything Yippie!!! Email address is tiff.goff@gmail.com..... I am so excited

  4. LOVE that bracelet! So fun. I actually don't have any pics of my favorite Halloween project. I did wirework across a hoop and had little spiders dangling from them. They were awesome! And they sold the day I put them out, so no pics. =(

  5. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! kstevens6@rochester.rr.com