Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Fest BlogHop

Yes, another bloghop.. but one I couldn't resist taking part in since it's celebrating my favorite time of year :) Not just October, but all of autumn ! Rita of 'Toltec Jewels' & 'Jewel School Friends', drew together an impressive list of prizes and participants to celebrate the season :)

Being an 'open celebration'  we were given the opportunity to share whatever we wanted to - jewelry, photographs, recipes,ANYTHING  that was inspired by or practically screamed 'autumn'.

I'd planned on two different hikes this month, the colors and scenery being fabulous and perfect for taking photos to share with you. Hike number one, while lovely, happened to coincide with dead batteries in my camera >.<  Hike number two was rained out... and it's 'rain date' was cancelled due to being sick. I do have some that I managed to sneak in on a walk home from work one day... a day that I was hit with the urge to take my camera with me despite that being something I don't usually do. Good thing I did, hmm?

photo taken by Sandra McGriff

photo taken by Sandra McGriff
Autumn Trail

photo taken by Sandra McGriff
Autumn Gold

photo taken by Sandra McGriff
Sunshine Leaf

photo taken by Sandra McGriff
Into The Dark

I recently purchased a big ole box of chipstone and other yummy beads from a lady in Texas .. and among them was some that just kept calling to me. The reds, oranges, browns and creams just screamed 'autumn' to me and so while watching tv one day I started to play with whatever was in front of me... and an idea was born... and blossomed into this

photo taken by Sandra McGriff

Some time after that was finished, I made some Halloween jewelry pictures elsewhere on my blog here... and after choosing a bunch of beads to do another one, I ended up swapping them out for the same beads in different colors, and making this

photo taken by Sandra McGriff

Blog Hop List

Host Toltec Jewels
Heather Otto     
Mischelle Fanucchi
Marlene Cupo   
Shaiha Williams 
Shelly Graham Turner 
Shelly Joyce       
Charlie Jacka      
Pam Sears           
Margareta Saari  
Marita Suominen
Jeannie Dukic        
Cheri Reed           
Arlene Dean         
Duffy Blevins        
Susan Kennedy   
Dita Basu            
Sonya Ann Stille  
Audrey Allen
Kashmira Patel     
Kathy Lindemer    
Kris Mattingly           
Lennis Carrier       
Shannon Hicks     
Paula Hisel          
Karin Slaton         
Shirley Moore       
Alicia Marinache   
Valeria G. Rome   
Zoe Marcin           
Carolyn Lawson    
Kimberly Booth
Sherri Stokey        
Tanya McGuire       
Debbie Rasmussen
Christine Stonefield
Sandra McGriff  <-- You Are Here
Renetha Stanziano 
Evelyn Shelby

 Tanty Sri Hartanti    
 Colene Waltermire
Lee Nova           


  1. Great fall colours in your photos!
    I love the elegant necklace!

  2. Love your photos and your unique jewelry designs!

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful jewelry!

  4. Lovely pictures, Sandra - and your jewelry is so soothing and beautiful!

  5. Love the bracelet with the green skull. It even looks like it might jingle a little. I have hot pink, orange, and brown skulls but no green.

  6. First of all, I love the image of you walking home from work on such a beautiful Fall day. My favorite photo is Autumn Trail, which could have been the inspiration for your fabulous bracelet. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

  7. I love your pictures and your necklace and your bracelet!!!

  8. You are lucky! We don't have many trees here that change color and I miss that. The jewelry is gorgeous, the necklace so delicate and the bracelet looks fun to wear.

  9. I wish our palm trees would change color like that.. lol
    love your jewelry hun.. great job.

  10. Your chip necklace is really pretty, love the colors. I really like your bracelet too. My favorite picture is the Autumn trail.

  11. Simple but elegantly beautiful necklace and a gorgeous bracelet. Great job!

  12. Love all those fall leaves! Great bracelet too. :)

  13. You have so beutiful pictures. Your jewels are also so beutiful.

  14. Beautiful fall pictures - love your bracelet!!

  15. Beautiful! Happy Season. I had to take Rita to ER. She will comment asap.thanks, Lee

  16. Love your necklaces and LOVE the autumn pictures! The leaves ARE gorgeous!!