Sunday, January 22, 2012

Challenge Check In #3


Okay... once again I barely made my challenge! >.<

Seriously..I like JUST finished the third pair of earrings about ten minutes ago then took the photos.

Of course, in my defense, this week has been spent working with my writing muses... when not fighting with my sewing needle and the stupid 'not-yet-stuffed-almost-plush-cat' >.<

To prove this 'not-yet-cat' actually exists and isn't just an ->

The face is stitched, the stripes are stitched on the back of the head, the tail and the ears are finished... and the rest of the red bits are the body and feet.

Alright... now that you've seen the stupid cat >.<  How about my challenge pieces for this week?

Blue shell beads glued onto star washers. They're about the size of a dime.

The red ones were supposed to be for a gift, but lately every time I aim for steampunk...I come up more goth O.o I have another pair coming that is sticking to more steampunky, but there's a lot of gluing involved so...maybe they'll end up finished next week... these are made from a pair of bead caps that I flattened and hung some dark red crystals from :)

The blue pair is the one I finished last minute >.< blue buttons & silver jump rings.

and there... managed to scrape through another week >.<  although this week I have two other pairs of earrings in the works...they just didn't get any where near finished ;)

For an extra treat, I decided to feature a very talented photographer over at DeviantArt . She's received very little notice  for her work and I think she deserves a  lot more :)  Pop in and take a peek at the pictures I've selected to show, or follow her link through to her own gallery to see more :)  Feature: Embersadrift


  1. Your cat is wonderful. I can't wait to see it stuffed! Also Thank you, by seeing your earrings, you are encouraging me to start making earrings again. I got burned out making them right before Christmas-- too many shows- but I think I am ready to make them again. I like to button idea so I will have to try that. Have a great week!

  2. oh my god that cat is so adorable <3 <3 <3

  3. Skye,

    Like the idea of using a flattened bead cap but how do you go about doing that? Have you ever not gotten them flat or bent in half?