Friday, January 6, 2012

Destash addition #1


So how's everyone coming along in the new year so far? Still sticking with your resolutions or have your crashed already? 

Mine are a bit behind, but it's been a rather hectic week at work with being short staffed >.<  I know I can still meet my challenge and post proof on Sunday though.. just gotta get my butt in gear ! :D

I'm sorry there have been no BTW posts from me in a bit ( since I officially joined the flickr group, actually >.< lol) I'll try to get back on track with that, too ! 

Today's destash addition may look a bit small... but that's because I have more set aside to add in with my Sunday post ;) A whole kit worth of 'more' :D hehe ... yes yes, I'm a tease, I know :)  I might add in a bit more on Wednesday, too... you never know ;)

Alrighty... added to the destash pot this week ...

One little pouch jammed full to near bursting with a muddle of beads in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and materials. Every time I clean up after a project I seem to miss some beads... so when I find them, I more often then not just chuck them into a baggy or dish rather then take the time to sort them out and put them back in the right places >.< I have found that these little baggies can be handy for playing with when bored or looking for inspiration. :)

As well I decided to share a taste of the soup mix Lori of Pretty Things sent me in the little beadsoup swap she held a little while ago. One baggy with a mix of glass beads (mostly purple since the greens are currently being picked through for a new project ;) ) and two imperial jasper :)

Like I said, I had more to add in but I'll save them for my next post ;)

Remember, you must be a follower of this blog to enter. I noticed an 'entry' on my last blog from a non-follower :p tsk tsk tsk. Curious as to whether they just saw the word 'giveaway' and commented without reading the rest, or whether they were planning on clicking the 'follow' button and just never got around to it ;)

Well I'm off to work on some of my jewelry pieces for my weekly challenge to meet my deadline. I have a very pretty necklace I'm loving that I'm almost done with... then I'll probably end up doing a couple pairs of earrings just to get my three projects in >.< lol

 ~ Skye


  1. Skye, I tried to comment on your challenge. I am ready to commit! I clicked on the ink and can't post it to my blog. Any suggestions? Also I was going to post my challenges but could not find a comment spot on your challenge page. Help!

  2. Never mind I figured it out. I just needed to go to the post. Can you tell I am new at the mysteries of blogging.

  3. I do the same thing, I have a pretty little bowl on my work bench that little strays go into until they find a new home...usually when my granddaughter comes to visit. I am enjoying blog hopping today. Nice to meet you, I find inspiration and motivation this way. happy Beading

  4. I have a large brandy sniffer that my orphans go into but then I never manage to pull them out again. I like the idea of bagging some up and giving them away.

  5. oh i have a couple baggies just like that. it's fun to just dump them out and sift through them sometimes, haha :D

  6. I need to spread my wings a bit, so a baggie of orphan beads to win maybe just what I need.

    I will have to start a baggie and give it away in the future. Thanks for the idea.